GA-English on Sunday: News briefs for Bonn and the region

GA-English on Sunday : News briefs for Bonn and the region

Compulsory immunizations may be introduced for children in day care facilities, and in mid-May, motorists will be redirected to the other side of the B9 tunnel. A young boy was involved in a hit and run in Pennenfeld, and here’s also a brief update on the damaged cherry trees in Bonn’s Old Town.

NRW wants compulsory immunizations for children in day care

DÜSSELDORF. NRW is preparing for the introduction of a compulsory measles vaccination for children in day care centers and kindergartens. Child Welfare and Family Minister Joachim Stamp (FDP) told our editorial team: "I am in favor of a general vaccination obligation - this also applies to kindergartens. We will examine how we implement this." NRW Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) also said on Friday: "I am in favor of compulsory vaccination”. The action follows an unusually high incidence of measles since the beginning of the year - 100 cases in the first three months. The state of Brandenburg has just introduced such a measure and the federal government is also investigating the possibility of such a requirement nationwide. Many citizens refuse measles vaccinations because they fear possible side effects more than contracting the disease itself. Most scientists consider this position to be untenable. Orig. text: Thomas Reisener

Bad Godseberg tunnel switch in May

BAD GODESBERG. The renovation of the Bad Godesberg tunnel is progressing, and according to the city, the work is on schedule and on budget. The ventilation system is currently being rebuilt, and work has been underway in the tunnel section running north towards Bonn since August 2018. Traffic has been routed entirely through the other side of the tunnel but this is expected to change on May 17. Work will then begin on the southbound side of the tunnel which is currently open. It will be closed off and all traffic will switch to the northbound side of the tunnel. According to the city, however, the exact timing is still “dependent on the condition that the software, the control system and the installed hardware components work together successfully”. Orig. text: jab

Hit and run: 9-year-old hit by car in Pennenfeld

BONN. Police are looking for the driver of a silver Mercedes station wagon after he fled the scene of an accident on Thursday afternoon. A nine-year-old boy was on inline skates in Bonn-Pennenfeld around 3 pm on Thursday when he was hit by a car at a zebra crossing. He was making his way from Zanderstraße to Röntgenstraße. The boy collided with a side mirror of the car, causing him to fall. He was injured and was taken to hospital by ambulance. The driver of the car, with a license plate beginning: BN-PT, is described as 60 to 70 years old, partially bald, wearing glasses, with a short full beard and wearing a white-striped shirt. Anyone who many have information is asked to contact police at: 0228 150. Orig. text: Sebastian Fink

Update on cherry tree graffiti

BONN. Police say a total of 43 cherry trees in the Old Town were smeared with graffiti in the early hours Friday morning. Based on the large number of trees affected, they believe the culprits would have been carrying a significant amount of painting apparatus with them. They are hoping for witnesses who may have seen possible suspects underway with backpacks or other large bags. Trees on both Heerstraße and Breitestraße were damaged. On Monday, according to city press spokesperson Stefanie Zießnitz, employees of the municipal building management will try to dissolve the paint with an oil-based agent, which is also used to remove graffiti. Anyone who many have observed something suspicious in the Old Town early Friday morning is asked to contact police at: 0228 150. Orig. text: Philipp Königs

(Translations: Carol Kloeppel)

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