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Citizens' initiative voices criticism: New development plan for Kennedyallee

Citizens' initiative voices criticism : New development plan for Kennedyallee

The Bonn city planning committee has cleared the way for early citizen participation in a huge building project at Kennedyallee 62-72. A citizens' initiative recently criticized the city's abrupt actions.

The Bonn city planning committee has cleared the way for early public participation with regard to a new development at Kennedyallee 62-72, although the final decision on the matter will be made by the Bad Godesberg district council, which will meet on February 5. As reported, Postbank plans to move from its office building in the Plittersdorf district to its headquarters at the beginning of net year. This is currently under construction at "Neuer Kanzlerplatz" (formerly the Bonn Center).

The Düsseldorf-based Gerchgroup is the investor for the Plittersdorf complex, planning a mixed-use development on Kennedyallee with a seven-story office building facing the street and three- to four-story residential buildings. According to the current status, 380 apartments (40 percent subsidized apartments) and the construction of a day care center for children are being considered. A citizens' initiative recently criticized the abrupt action of the city administration in the matter.

Draft resolution published after Christmas

The drafresolution was published after Christmas. The administration sees an increased urgency to quickly adopt the changes to the development plan for mixed use, because there is a lack of apartments in Bonn. The Green Party's spokesperson for planning policy, Hartwig Lohmeyer, said: "Nothing will be done in haste here". There had already been an urban planning competition. Now the next wave of public participation will follow.

At present there is one "giant building". Helmut Redeker (SPD) said: "The replacement buildings with offices and apartments complement each other so well here that it is justifiable". In contrast, the Bürger Bund Bonn (BBB) considers the planned project hardly tenable. It is a "huge construction project". Holger Schmidt of the Left Party was of the opinion that demolition (of the old building) was not justifiable because it was an extraordinary and distinctive building by the well-known Bonn architect Denninger. BBB

Orig. text: Philipp Königs
Translation: ck