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„Akte Rheinland“ („Rhineland File“): New Crime Podcast by GA about crimes from Bonn and the region

„Akte Rheinland“ („Rhineland File“) : New Crime Podcast by GA about crimes from Bonn and the region

"Akte Rheinland" is the name of the new Crime Podcast of the Bonner General-Anzeiger. It is about real crimes from Bonn and the surrounding area, which have not only had an impact on the region. Reporters and investigators report on criminal cases and their consequences - and also offer insights into their personal views on the events and cases.

What is „the evil“, and why does it fascinate us as much as it repels us? How do crime and court reporters work? What’s part of the work of a profiler, and how do murder investigators manage not to take their cases to sleep with them?

The Bonner General-Anzeiger addresses all these and more questions in its new podcast "Akte Rheinland". It deals with criminal cases that have taken place in Bonn and the surrounding area - solved crimes as well as so-called "cold cases", outstanding individual crimes and related criminal structures that are viewed on a meta-level.

In "Akte Rheinland", GA editors Anna Maria Beekes and Andreas Dyck as well as staff member Jonathan Kemper talk to reporters from the General-Anzeiger about criminal cases (in) on which they have done research, about court trials they have attended and about crimes that have particularly affected them. Among other things, they will discuss the torture murder in the Siegburg prison, the deadly beating of Niklas Pöhler and the mysterious death of Jens Bleck.

The podcast also sheds light on the still unsolved disappearance of British student Louise Kerton from a village in the Rhein-Sieg district, the rampage of the so-called "rubber boot killer" at the district court of Euskirchen and the brutal murder of Monika F. in Bonn-Meßdorf, which was only solved 26 years after the crime - by the killer himself.

The chief profiler of the NRW State Criminal Police Office, Andreas Müller, reports on his work with "Cold Cases", and the spokesman for the Bonn police, Robert Scholten, gives an insight into his work in the area of conflict between investigative tactics and public relations. The format of the podcast makes it possible to go beyond pure reporting and also to describe background information, personal impressions, experiences or difficulties.

"Akte Rheinland" will be published every two weeks on Thursdays from 12 March onwards. Over the Blog akte-rheinland.de the Podcast can be listened to directly. The blog accompanies each episode on the respective publication date with cross-media content. The podcast is also available via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Deezer and other podcatchers and can be subscribed to free of charge.

Original text: Anna Maria Beekes

Translation: Mareike Graepel