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Recreation: New bike path will come to the Wachtbergring

Recreation : New bike path will come to the Wachtbergring

The local chapter of the ADFC bicycle club has been calling for a bike path at Wachtbergring for years and now it will become reality. The state of NRW will pay 70 percent of the costs, and Rhine-Sieg County the remainder.

Anyone who wants to bike from Pech towards Berkum has needed strong nerves and stamina. At least if they chose to take the heavily used Wachtbergring (K 58) instead of fighting their way through the forest. But Rhine-Sieg County reports that Wachtberg is on the priority list for the development of bike paths. The Committee for Planning and Transport unanimously decided which additional cycle paths should be built over the next few years. The main contractor is the Rhein-Sieg district.

The number of motorists there is very high, estimated at around 10,000 cars a day. "That's why only very experienced cyclists currently use this route," said Antonius Nolden from the Rhine-Sieg County press office. Officially, about 20 cyclists were counted per day. For the planners, it is clear that as soon as there is a road-safe offer with an independent cycle path, the numbers will rise. But the county could not make any prediction as to what kind of numbers they were expecting.

It is not yet clear when construction work on the bike path will begin, but the financing has been secured. "The planning funds for the first two measures have already been included in the district's budget for 2019/2010," the district stated in a press release. Once the planning and the necessary land acquisition have been successfully completed, the cycle paths will be built.

The approximately one kilometer long section from the Pecher Landstraße (L 158) to the Wittfelder Hof already exists in the form of a service road, which is also suitable for cyclists, according to the press office. The first route to be built will probably be the shortest one from Wittfelder Hof to the roundabout at the Villip commercial area. There are three further sections to be constructed as well, the highest priority being a 1.25 kilometer stretch from the commercial area roundabout in Villip to the junction with Oberdorfstrasse.

Routes were prioritized based on their significance, effort required for construction and the impact on nature. Andreas Stümer is very satisfied with the upcoming changes. "We have been calling for this for more than 15 years," said the spokesman for the Wachtberg local group of the ADFC bike club. But he still sees more areas to be added, for example the K 57 between Villip and Gimmersdorg or the K 14 between Ließem and Lannesdorf. Orig. text: Silke Elbern Translation: Carol Kloeppel