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Germanwings strike: Many flight cancellations at Cologne-Bonn Airport

Germanwings strike : Many flight cancellations at Cologne-Bonn Airport

Flight attendants at Germanwings are on strike from today. Almost 80 flights will be cancelled over the next few days at Cologne/Bonn Airport alone. Düsseldorf is also affected.

Due to a strike by Germanwings flight attendants, travellers in North Rhine-Westphalia must be prepared for cut services. At Cologne-Bonn Airport, a total of 78 take-offs and landings have been cancelled over the next three days, 26 of which have been cancelled on Monday. Mainly domestic flights as well as connections to Vienna and Zurich are affected, said an airport spokeswoman on Monday morning. “Since passengers were informed in advance, however, we expect normal, quiet operations today.”

The cabin crew strike will also impact Düsseldorf Airport. Four connections to and from Berlin-Tegel will be cancelled on Monday. A spokesperson for the airport company said on Monday morning that a total of 20 flights had been cancelled over the three days of the strike. The Dortmund–Munich connection is also affected. As Dortmund airport announced on its homepage, six flights to and from Munich have been cancelled on Monday. Throughout the entire strike period, 16 flights are affected.

According to the cabin union Ufo, the strike will last three days, up to and including New Year's Day. The conflict has already involved a warning strike at four Lufthansa subsidiaries, as well as a two-day strike at the core company Lufthansa, which cancelled about 1,500 flights that affected about 200,000 affected passengers in November.

(Original text; dpa, translation John Chandler)