In Sankt Augustin: Man tries to lure school girl into his car

In Sankt Augustin : Man tries to lure school girl into his car

A man allegedly approached a nine-year-old girl on her way to school on Wednesday morning and tried to lure her into his car. She did not enter the car, but instead informed her parents. Police are now investigating.

On Wednesday morning in Sankt Augustin, a nine-year-old girl was on her way to school at around 7:30 am when she was approached by a man who police have not yet been able to identify. He allegedly tried to lure the child into his car. As the police reported on Friday, the girl was on her way on Niederpleiser Straße when a man with blonde hair, between the ages of 40 and 50, according to her description, approached her from a red car and asked her to get in.

The student was neither tempted by the sweets nor intimidated by the man. Instead, the nine-year-old went straight home and informed her parents. The parents alerted the police and the school. The student was questioned by the criminal investigation department and the investigation is ongoing.

Anyone who may have information about the man are asked to contact police at: 02241/5413321. The police advise parents whose children have been approached by strangers to note the following:

The parents should keep calm and tell their child that they are safe with them. They should also praise their child for having immediately told them what happened.

Parents should also listen attentively to their child's descriptions and believe their child. They should not reproach the child. The police should be informed immediately by calling the emergency number 110 so that further measures can be taken.