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59-year-old Jürgen B.: Man still missing after hiking trip on the “Rheinsteig”

59-year-old Jürgen B. : Man still missing after hiking trip on the “Rheinsteig”

Two brothers went on a hike in the Neuwied region. While the older one left the hiking route early and took a bus, the other one stayed behind - and has been missing ever since.

Several days after his disappearance near Bad Hönningen on the Rheinsteig, the 59-year-old hiker Jürgen B. remains missing. After police searched the region with drones on Friday, the effort was discontinued.

"It is difficult to narrow down the area. Especially since it is completely unclear whether the man might be found in this region at all," a police spokesman said on Sunday. It was not an easy task to determine where the missing man might be.

Together with his brother, the man hiked the Rhine trail known as the “Rheinsteig” between Bad Hönningen in the Neuwied district and Leutesdorf on Wednesday. Because of the tremendous heat, his older brother found hiking too exhausting. The 63-year-old took a bus to the nearest hotel. According to police, the younger brother did not arrive there as planned.

Police, the fire department and search troops had been out looking for the missing man since Thursday. Helicopters were also used in the search. Criminal police are also investigating, explained a police spokesperson.

A questioning of the brother had not led to any new information. The police also said that only a few leads had been received so far. However, the police spokesman said on Sunday that several private individuals had started searching for the missing hiker.

According to the officers, the man is 1.75 meters tall and has a stocky build. At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing black hiking trousers and a light, checked, short-sleeved shirt. He had a burlap bag with him and was wearing glasses. Anyone who can provide information about Jürgen B.'s whereabouts should contact the Linz police station on 02644/9430 or any other police station.

(Orig. text: dpa; Translation: ck)