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Beethoven statues in Bonn: Ludwigs disappear from Bonn’s Münsterplatz

Beethoven statues in Bonn : Ludwigs disappear from Bonn’s Münsterplatz

75,000 visitors came to the art event on the Münsterplatz in Bonn in the last few weeks. Now the figures are being handed out to their owners.

Things were very busy on the Münsterplatz shortly before the end of the installation “Ludwig von Beethoven – Ode to Joy”. The last of the 75,000 visitors clambered over the wooden slats with the figures. The first buyers and sponsor Ashok Sridharan received their own Beethoven. By purchasing a statue, they had financed the event and made it a citizens’ project. The next collection dates will be announced shortly.

Beethoven wanted everyone to have access to his music, said Stephen Eisel, chairman of the Citizens for Beethoven Association. The installation achieved this. The reaction was often: “He’s finally smiling,” said artist Ottmar Hörl. “We chose the right place and the right city for the event.” Karina Kröber from the City Marketing Bonn Association praised people’s commitment. Citizens had taken extra holidays to help out. Purchasers should now send photos with their own Ludwig to City Marketing.

Original text: Eva Kunkel. Translation: kc