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Learjet over the region: Low-flying aircraft causes a stir in Bonn

Learjet over the region : Low-flying aircraft causes a stir in Bonn

A white and blue plane flew low over Bonn on Friday. So deep that the windows of the Learjet were clearly visible. The flight is probably related to a future practice drill.

A low-flying Learjet caused a stir in Bonn on Friday morning. The white and blue painted plane flew so low that the windows were clearly visible. A glance at the website of "Flightradar24" revealed a strange flight. The jet flew first over Bergheim, then a small loop over Cologne, before it zigzagged to Stolberg, Brühl, and over the Eifel to Bonn. From Bonn, the Learjet with the identification LJ35 flew a large loop in the direction of Aachen.

The plane had started in the morning from the German Air Force Air Base Nörvenich near Kerpen. "I can confirm that the plane took off from our air base, but it is not a German Air Force aircraft, it belongs to the Gesellschaft für Flugzieldarstellung (GFD Aviation)", said Lieutenant Colonel Uwe Weber, press officer at the Air Force Press and Information Center in Berlin, to the GA. GFD has been a training partner of the German military for decades. According to Weber, the Learjet flew over Bonn and the surrounding area to possibly survey a training area.

This coming Wednesday the exercise "SNAP 2019" (Significance of National Air Power 2019) will take place at the air base of the Tactical Air Force Squadron 31 "Boelcke". According to the German Air Force, this exercise will be carried out regularly and at various locations of the Air Force. It is used by the Air Force to evacuate German citizens and soldiers from crisis and war zones using an air operation. "However, I cannot tell you at this point whether the flight movements of the LJ35 you mentioned are related to the 'SNAP' exercise scenario," says Lieutenant Colonel Weber. The GFD was not able to make a clarifying statement about it to the GA on Friday, but "it was a reasonable assertion", said one of the company's employees.

The main objective of the exercise is the coordination of all units involved, such as ground-based security forces and flying weapon systems. Eurofighter, Tornado, A400M, C-160 Transall, CH-53, EC-145 and A4-Skyhawk will participate in the exercise.

A preparatory exercise will be held on August 13. "On both days, interception maneuvers at low altitudes, simulated attacks on the Nörvenich airfield, air surveillance from medium altitudes as well as personnel evacuations will be simulated for about 45 minutes in the morning", says the press department of the Tactical Air Force Squadron 31 "Boelcke". In the area of the squadron, there will also be aircraft movements outside the usual corridors. "The strict requirements of flight safety are fully taken into account", it states.

Orig. text: Maximilian Mühlens Translation: Carol Kloeppel