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90-year-olds stabbed in Meckenheim: Judge issues arrest warrant for 56-year-old son

90-year-olds stabbed in Meckenheim : Judge issues arrest warrant for 56-year-old son

A judge has now issued an arrest warrant for manslaughter against a 56-year-old man from Meckenheim. He is suspected of having stabbed his 90-year-old mother. There are new findings regarding the blood crime.

The 56-year-old man from Meckenheim-Merl, who was arrested by police in his apartment on Godesberger Straße on Wednesday afternoon, has been remanded in custody. A judge has now issued an arrest warrant for manslaughter, police spokesman Michael Beyer said at the General-Anzeiger's request. Apparently in dispute, the 56-year-old is said to have killed his 90 year old mother, who according to GA information was in need of care.

According to information available to the General-Anzeiger, the man, who worked as a warehouse clerk in a grocery store, had suggested that his mother live in a home in order to be cared for there. However, the 90-year-old had categorically rejected this suggestion. The investigators have gained new insights(on) into the day of the blood crime. "There are further indications that the woman did not die on the day of her discovery," explained the police spokesman.

Background: The 56 year old son had informed the emergency doctor on Wednesday afternoon, since his mother was lying lifeless in the common dwelling at the Godesberger road. The emergency doctor then stated that the woman had "not died a natural death". "The crime is said to have already happened on Sunday," the police spokesman reported. According to police, the woman had been found with a stab wound to her upper body.

Suspected perpetrator was not known until now

There is no evidence that the suspect was under the influence of alcohol or other drugs during the crime, Beyer said. Neither do investigators have any evidence to date that the man has had psychological problems. The 56-year-old had not been known to the police through other criminal acts.

Already on Wednesday the arrested man had confessed to having killed his mother. According to GA information, mother and son were at odds over the care of the 90-year-old. He told the investigators that the 56-year-old was unable to cope with the situation of having to care for his mother himself.

(Original text: Mario Quadt / Translation: Mareike Graepel)