Analysis of traffic data: In NRW, Bonn residents spend longest in traffic jams

Analysis of traffic data : In NRW, Bonn residents spend longest in traffic jams

Patience is often required on roads and motorways, and not only in rush hour. A study has now calculated and compared nationwide how long motorists are stuck in traffic jams. Bonn is near the top.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, Bonn drivers spend the longest in traffic jams according to a study –104 hours on average last year. However, it was worse in other German cities: in Berlin it was 154 hours and the average for the “Top Ten” was a good 120 hours. These are the results of a study published on Tuesday by the traffic information provider Inrix.

Bonn ranks eighth nationally, followed by Düsseldorf (100 traffic jam hours) and Cologne (99). According to the study, one of the most frequently driven sections of road in Germany is in Cologne: the inner city intersection B/55/B9 from Roonstraße to Turiner Straße.

There are various statistics for traffic jams. The motorists’ association ADAC, for example, examines the length of traffic jams on motorways. According to them, NRW, the most populous state in Germany, is worst affected. By contrast, Inrix looks at cities and all their roads. The data comes from car manufacturers and traffic authorities. The average journey time is compared with the quickest route.

Unlike in previous years, Inrix not only recorded the time drivers spend in traffic jams but also time spent in slow-moving traffic. This meant the average time lost was significantly higher compared to 2017. On a comparable basis, the burden has decreased, the institute emphasised.

(Original text: dpa. Translation: kc)

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