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Nuisance with consequences: Illegally parked car blocks Bonn tram lines

Nuisance with consequences : Illegally parked car blocks Bonn tram lines

A poorly parked Mercedes on Prinz-Albert-Straße led to disruptions for Bonn public city tram lines 61 and 62 on Thursday morning. Bus service had to be used as a substitute for some time.

A bad parking job on Prinz-Albert-Straße Thursday morning caused timetable disruptions for public transportation tram lines 61 and 62. The black Mercedes was parked too far into the tram tracks area so that the approaching tram could not pass at 8:57am as scheduled. It had been headed in the direction of Bonn central station, but was unable to continue on to the next stop.

Since the driver of the Mercedes could not be found at the location, the vehicle had to be towed away. The tram was able to continue on its route at 9:38am. Local public transportation authorities SWB had to set up a bus to service the stops “Rittershausstraße", "Weberstraße", "Königstraße" and "Poppelsdorfer Allee" until the illegally parked vehicle was towed.

There were some minor delays for lines 61 and 62. According to SWB, by Thursday afternoon the situation had returned to normal.

(Orig. text: Dierk Himstedt. Translation: Carol Kloeppel)