Will Bonn reach 40 degrees?: Hot summer returns after the storms

Will Bonn reach 40 degrees? : Hot summer returns after the storms

After a weekend that included some stormy weather, the coming week will see a return to some hot summer weather in Germany. Here in Bonn and the region it will get quite warm - but will it reach 40 degrees Celsius?

To get to the point: It's getting hot! Really hot. After the region was hit by heavy thunderstorms on Saturday, which fortunately did not cause any major damage, the coming week will see the return of a warm summer.

This means we will be seeing temperatures well over 30 degrees Celsius. In the course of the coming week it should become warmer and warmer. "Thursday could be the height of the heat wave," a spokesman for the German Weather Service (DWD) said on Sunday. Initial forecasts indicate that the 40 degree Celsius mark (104 Fahrenheit) could be reached in Bonn.

The reason for the hot weather is the high pressure system "Yvonne", which will spread over Germany at the beginning of the week and increasingly bring warm to hot air from the south.

A little hotter every day

The week will begin with temperatures around 30 degrees. Tuesday gets much hotter as the thermometer climbs to 36 degrees Celsius (96.8F). On Wednesday we could see up to 40 degrees Celsius, which could even be topped on Thursday. The end of the week including Saturday and Sunday should see temperatures between 30 and 35 degrees.

"Starting from the middle of the week, it will become difficult to circulate cooler air in the house,” says a DWD spokesperson. Especially in urban areas, the temperature will hardly drop below 20 degrees Celsius.

Thunderstorms are not in sight. Sunny skies are expected the whole week long, with hardly a cloud in the sky. According to the current forecasts, the summer weather should remain in place for the following weeks.

(Orig. text: Michael Wrobel; Translation: ck)

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