Incident at camp site in Königswinter: Homicide squad investigates after caravan fire

Incident at camp site in Königswinter : Homicide squad investigates after caravan fire

A woman sustained life-threatening injures in a fire on a campsite in Königswinter-Pleiserhohn during the night from Monday to Tuesday. The police arrested her life partner.

Witnesses had reported a fight between the couple prior to the fire breaking out. The investigators at the scene found traces of a fire accelerant that might have enhanced the blaze.

The injured woman was brought to a special clinic after emergency care was administered at the scene. A homicide squad under the direction of chief superintendent Andreas Schülke, together with public prosecutor Sebastian Weikinger, took over the investigation.

A spokesperson for the Königswinter fire brigade has told the GA during the night that the injured person was pulled out of the caravan by a man „well acquainted to her“ who also administered first aid. The fire brigade was contacted at 0.47am. When the first emergency personnel arrived at the camp site, the flames were shooting up high into the air. The caravan, a car and several wooden huts were burning. There were loud explosions, bursting tyres and safety valves flying off gas bottles, which scared the residents and made the fire fighters keep a safe distance.

The fire officers were able to prevent the fire from spreading to other buildings and vehicles. Permanent campers, who live on the campsite, had woken each other and begun trying to extinguish the fire, said the spokesperson. The residents were very helpful by opening a rear gate so that the ambulance could get through quicker.

(Original text: Anna-Maria Beekes; Translation: Mareike Graepel)