Rhine in Flames: Here’s how Bonn celebrated

Rhine in Flames : Here’s how Bonn celebrated

Perfect atmosphere, perfect weather - this describes the atmosphere in Bonn during the Rhine in Flames event best.

With impressive fireworks, the river illumination event Rhine in Flames drew to a close. The theme in Bonn this year, “Around the world“, included a brightly lit globe in the night sky. 25,000 charges of pyrotechnics were launched, according to pyro expert Brigitte Alef. She mentions a special challenge this year: „We wanted the people to recognise the different continents.“ Thousands of visitors could identify country flags and Asian motifs as well as a rainbow in the 20-minute-long firework display.

At the end of the spectacle the Rheinaue nearly burst at the seams. The performance of Querbeat on the main stage at 10pm probably played its part in that people kept arriving at the location - and the band brought its own stage fireworks too. Beforehand, Cologne band Brings had played an entire gig from 8pm onwards. The organisers had expected approximately 100.000 visitors in the Rheinhaue.

That estimate was mostly likely exceeded. There are no official numbers yet, but our reporter assumes there were plenty more people than the organisers had initially guessed. Ferris wheel, autoscooter, ghost ride and other carousels were very popular, and there were many spectators enjoying barbecues and picnics throughout day.

Original text: Michael Wrobel, Stefan Knopp. Translation: Mareike Graepel