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GA listing: Here are the flea markets in Bonn for this year

GA listing : Here are the flea markets in Bonn for this year

Browsing around and finding favorite new pieces: The flea market season is about to start up again. Here you will find out which markets are already open now and what flea market lovers can expect for 2020 in Bonn.

For those who enjoy shopping at flea markets, winter is a dry spell. Many open-air flea markets only start up again in spring with the first rays of sunshine. But there are some exceptions: We show where bargain hunters can haggle with sellers even in winter and what flea market fans can expect for the coming season.

Rheinaue flea market

Probably the most famous flea market in Bonn starts its new season on April 18th. The flea market in the Rheinaue is held once a month through October 17. Whether you want to reserve a spot to sell your items or participate spontaneously: The Rheinaue offers enough space for all flea marketers. Flea market visitors can buy furniture, clothing and decorative items there.

Where: Bonn Rheinaue, Ludwig-Erhard-Allee, 53113 Bonn

When: 18 April, 16 May, 20 June, 18 July, 15 August, 19 September, 17 October from 8 am to 6 pm.

Info: www.melan.de

Biskuithalle Dransdorf - the flea market veteran of Bonn

On the parking lot of the former Biskuithalle (Biscuit Hall), people have been buying and selling used items for more than 30 years. Inexpensive used and also new items are available every Saturday.

Where: Parking lot of the former Biskuithalle, Siemensstraße, 53121 Bonn

When: every Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm

Info: Fees for stand rentals and registration forms can be found at at www.marktcom.de

Flea market and antiques in the Trödelfabrik

Rare, unusual items and antiques can be found in the Antique and Trödelfabrik (Flea market factory) Bonn. Ten employees sell unique pieces in the old factory building every Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm. A small café is available if you want to have a little break.

Where: Antique and Trödelfabrik Bonn, Siemensstraße 25, 53121 Bonn

When: Saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm

Info: http://webdefence.global.blackspider.com/urlwrap/?q=AXicE3RmsDFlYCjzZWAoyqk0MU3SKy4q08tNzMxJzs8rKcrP0UvOz2UwMPBwcnTyDDYwNra0MGDIz8vJzEt1SE_UTcrPy9NLSWXIKCkpsNLXLy8v1wNqSk1JzUlLTCrKzAbJMTC4GzMwAAB2lx_L&Z

Girls' flea market

From girls for girls. This is the motto of the girls' flea market at the Brückenforum. Spread out on 160 tables, you will find something to meet every taste: Bonn women sell treasures from their wardrobes. On March 8th from 3 pm many beautiful things are looking for a new owner again.

Where: Brückenforum in Beuel, Friedrich-Breuer-Straße 17, 53225 Bonn

When: 8 March, 19 April, 17 May from 3 to 7 p.m.

Info: Admission 3 Euro, stand fee 15 Euro. Booking under www.nachtkonsum.com/maedelsflohmarkt

Rhine Antique, Art and Design Market

Four times a year the Rhine Antique, Art & Design Market takes place in the city center of Bonn. From Friedensplatz to Bottlerpaltz, Vivatsgasse, Windeckstraße and Mühlheimer Platz, international exhibitors present a wide range of antiques and novelties at around 200 stands.

Where: Friedensplatz, Vivatsgasse, Bottlerplatz. Bonn city center in the area of the pedestrian zone.

When: 19 April, 28 June, 23 August and 18 October.

Info: Prices and registration at www.rhein-antik.de

Flea market at Hellweg in Duisdorf

Once a month flea market fans can find new and used goods and secondhand items at the market in Duisdorf. The parking lot of the Hellweg-Baumarkt provides sufficient space for visitors and exhibitors. The indoor car park can also be used, which is convenient on wet and cold days.

Where: Parking lot of the Hellweg-Baumarkt in Duisdorf, Rochusstr. 334, 53123 Bonn

When: 16.2., 8.3., 12 and 13.4., 31.5., 1.6., 28.6., 26.7., 16.8., 20.9., 25.10., 29.11. and 20.12. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. respectively.

Info: Registrations and prices for stand fees can be found at www.geide-maerkte.de

Antique and flea market Bad Godesberg

Antique and flea markets are held in Godesberg city center throughout the year. Here the name says it all: apart from genuine handicrafts no new goods may be sold. Instead, enthusiasts will find antique furniture, porcelain, books or clothes.

In addition, twice a year there is the family flea market at Rigal'sche Wiese.

Where: From Theaterplatz to Michaelshof, 53177 Bonn

When: 8.3., 26.4., 10.5., 7.6., 5.7., 30.8., 3.10. (Day of German Unity), 25.10., 8.11.; dates of the family flea market: 5 April and 2 August

Info: www.bad-godesberg.info

Used bicycles

If you are looking for a used bicycle or spare parts, you might find them at the used bicycle market of the AStA of the University of Bonn. This will take place again in spring. The exact date is not yet known. There you can buy racing bikes, mountain bikes and even tandems. The price for a bike starts at around 30 Euros.

Where: Hofgarten, avenue at the side of the Kreuzkirche, 53113 Bonn

When: from April to October, exact dates still to be announced

Info: www.asta-bonn.de/Fahrradmarkt

The Caritas Bike House

If you don't want to wait until spring, you can visit the Caritas Association. The Bike-House offers a repair service in addition to used bikes and spare parts. If you own an old bike that you no longer need, you are welcome to donate it to Caritas. If it needs repair, the bike will be reconditioned in the workshop.

Where: Bike House, Mackestraße 36, 53119 Bonn

When: all year round within the opening hours

Info: www.bike-house-bonn.de

(Orig. text: Scarlet Schmitz, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)