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Relic from days gone by: Former embassy makes way for new development

Relic from days gone by : Former embassy makes way for new development

The days of the former Yugoslav embassy are numbered. The building will be demolished and a development called the “Schlosshöfe” (Castle Courtyards) will be built on the site.

In the near future, the "Schlosshöfe Mehlem" and a supermarket will be built on the 5,400 square meter site of the former Yugoslavian embassy on Schlossallee. As part of an urban planning competition, the "Schlosshöfe Mehlem" model was recently chosen as the winner by a jury, which included specialist administration and external experts as well as selected local politicians.

According to Ralf Thielecke, who is in charge of the planning on behalf of the owners, 3L Projekt GmbH&Co.KG, all five designs can be viewed in the Bad Godesberg Town Hall at Kurfürstenallee 2-3, until February 18. "However, for fire protection reasons we can only present drawings and pictures there, unfortunately we were not allowed to set up models". The aim of the competition was to find solutions for the development of the area and its urban integration.

"The guiding principle of the urban design concept is the development of an attractive inner-city residential quarter consisting of two corresponding courtyards with integrated retail trade oriented towards Mainzer Straße," is how the planners describe their design. The entrance to the new courtyards is formed by the Schlossallee with its striking tree population and the small park at the junction to Mainzer Straße. A bakery with café and outdoor gastronomy with a view of the park and Mainzer Straße will be located in front of the retail trade.

Three- to four-story buildings are to be constructed

"The connection between Utestrasse and Kriemhildstrasse, which is also tree-lined, will be opened up and integrated into the urban development concept of the new quarter," the planners said. The three- to four-story buildings are arranged in two sections. On the south-western side, the residential development, which is divided into four structures, is attached to the single-story grocery store. About 60 apartments will be built above the grocery store. The owners, it is said, will assume the obligations in accordance with the council decisions on building projects: These are the city's guidelines for cooperative land development. They include a 40 percent share of subsidized housing construction, certain energy standards and green roofs. Thielecke estimates the project will take around two years to complete.

Besides the designs being on display in the Bad Godesberg Town Hall, there will also be a presentation of the competition results on Tuesday, February 18 at 5 pm in the town hall. Interested parties are invited to inform themselves about the different designs and prize winners. The result of the urban design competition will be the basis for the upcoming development plan procedure. The City of Bonn will provide information about further participation possibilities as part of that plan.

(Orig. text: Michael Wenzel / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)