Basement treasures: Flea market under the cherry blossoms in Old Town

Basement treasures : Flea market under the cherry blossoms in Old Town

A flea market that coincides with the cherry blossoms in Bonn’s Old Town has been underway since Saturday morning. It’s best not to travel by car because despite the not exactly spring-like weather, it could get quite crowded.

Neither the Rheinaue flea market nor the spring festival on Bonn's Marktplatz seem to compete with the front door flea market under the cherry blossoms in Bonn's Old Town. Already in the morning the visitors crowded through Heerstraße, Breitestraße and adjacent streets of the Nordstadt.

It’s the third year that residents have dug out long forgotten treasures from basements or storerooms and presented them in front of their homes. In spite of the brisk pedestrian traffic expected, there were still no roadblocks set up in the land of cherry blossoms. But those who dared to drive into the Old Town by car had to be very patient.

Even the cool morning temperatures of around five to six degrees Celsius, which in some areas produced light snow showers, did not stop the tourists, who had come mainly for the splendor of the blossoms. It also didn’t stop visitors from near and far, who were hoping for a bargain at this special flea market. The sun poked through the clouds several times, helping to make a successful start for the flea market.

In the afternoon between 3pm and 5pm there will be outdoor painting on easels. Canvases, brushes and acrylic paints are provided in the children's studio in the Frauenmuseum (Women's Museum). The meeting point for the painting activity is the Frauenmuseum at Im Krausfeld 10, where the "pink flea market" with Rosa Café and live music also takes place: 1:45 pm, spring songs to sing along, 3 pm Bluegrass Guerillas, 4:30 pm Sarah Alegria, vocals and ukulele.

(Orig. text: Stefan Hermes / Translation: ck)

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