Public transportation: Few long distance trains at Bonn Central Station this weekend

Public transportation : Few long distance trains at Bonn Central Station this weekend

Train passengers have to make some adjustments this weekend: Most long-distance trains will not run through Bonn Central Station. The trains will be diverted via Beuel.

With a few exceptions, there will be no long-distance trains via Bonn Central Station this weekend; they will be diverted via Beuel. Exceptions are IC 2203 and IC 2002. According to a German Rail (DB) spokesperson, there are no restrictions on the number of trains for regional traffic due to planned construction measures, but there will be track changes and in some cases, changes in arrival and departure times.

Regional train 5 will stop on track 3, regional train 48 on track 4. Regional train RB 30 departs 37 minutes after every hour, which deviates from the normal timetable. The reason for the changes is construction work at the station, which should be completed by Monday morning before the return to normal service begins. DB will begin the third construction phase of the extensive refurbishment and will have to move the platform further north for the roofing work, the spokesperson said.

(Orig. text: Philipp Königs; Translation: ck)

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