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Light spectacle and Beethoven: Drachenburg Castle gets bathed in splendid colours

Light spectacle and Beethoven : Drachenburg Castle gets bathed in splendid colours

The light artist Wolfgang Flammersfeld illuminates Drachenburg Palace for the sixth time. His installations will immerse the building and the park in a sea of colours from next Friday to 23 February.

The time has come again: The lights go on at Drachenburg Castle. But no ordinary ones. When light artist Wolfgang Flammersfeld flips the switch on Friday evening, the historic walls high above the Rhine will shine in a symphony of colours.

Visitors will be enchanted by the magic of light on no less than six weekends. "This year we are starting one week earlier again," says Alexandra von dem Brinke, who is responsible for event planning and organisation at Schloss Drachenburg. A large number of visitors is expected: In 2019, 23,000 people wanted to see the castle lights - a number that could even be topped this year by the additional weekend.

The sixth edition of the Castle Lights is dedicated to the Beethoven anniversary. Visitors will encounter the great composer "very often" and "in very different variations" in the castle, as the artist reveals, "although we have taken a very broad view of the subject".

Since last Friday, Flammersfeld and his team have been busy with the construction, several kilometres of cable have to be laid, hundreds of lamps and lights have to be connected and a dozen projectors have to be installed. Not only trees, paths and bushes in the park are to shine in magical light, but also the architecture of the castle will be shown to its best advantage by the lighting.

A huge video projection as an eye-catcher

Details of the castle, otherwise hidden in the shadows, come to light and reveal themselves to the eyes of the visitors. "You stand in front of it and see a completely different building," says von dem Brinke. But the castle is not only illuminated from the outside; visitors can experience most of the light art in the interior. "I too am constantly amazed at how the artist stages and changes the rooms," enthuses Brinke.

A special eye-catcher this year will be a huge video projection that extends from the entrance portal across the front side of the castle. Three containers full of material have been brought to the castle grounds for this purpose, six beam have to be set up and networked with each other. A challenge, even for the specialists: "This is already extremely complex," says Flammersfeld. "But I'm sure it will be very nice."

He advises all visitors to have a mobile phone at hand and preferably also to bring along headphones, because the video projection offers a sound experience in addition to the visual pleasure. The music can be listened to on a special FM frequency via the mobile phone radio. "If you don't have a mobile phone with you, you can also borrow a mini radio.“

You can also admire the sea of lights from a bird's eye view: both the north tower and the main tower are open to visitors. In addition, with their tickets for the castle lights, guests can also visit the famous stone dragon in the dragon's lair of the Nibelungenhalle and its living descendants in the reptile zoo. No one will need a flashlight for the way from the car park at the Lemmerzbad to the castle this year either: "The path will be illuminated again", promises the Brinke. In cooperation with the swimming club, lamps will be installed.

(Original text: Gabriela Strojek-Quarg; Translation: Mareike Graepel)