Ruppichteroth: Dog locked in vehicle in hot sunshine

Ruppichteroth : Dog locked in vehicle in hot sunshine

A 59-year-old woman from Ruppichteroth in the Rhine-Sieg district left her dog locked in her parked car in hot weather. Police smashed the windows of the car and freed the exhausted animal.

Police rescued a dog from an overheated car in Ruppichteroth, about 30 miles east of Bonn. A witness had reported on Wednesday that the animal was locked in a car in a parking lot on Brölstraße in the blazing sun. This was reported by police in the Rhein-Sieg district on Thursday.

The officers smashed the side window of the vehicle and freed the exhausted dog. The animal was then given water. After more than an hour, the owner reappeared at her vehicle, according to police reports. The 59-year-old is now being investigated for violating the Animal Protection Act.

The police appeal to all motorists not to leave persons or animals in vehicles in this weather. Vehicles heat up quickly, even without sunlight, so that life-threatening situations can occur. Anyone who witnesses such a situation should immediately report to the police by calling the emergency number 110. Under certain circumstances, it may even be permitted to break the window yourself.

(Orig. text: Sebastian Meltz (with dpa material), Translation: Carol Kloeppel)

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