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Traffic report: Detours, accidents and annoyance

Traffic report : Detours, accidents and annoyance

If you are underway on the autobahn or in public transport, you might have noticed or will become aware of the following traffic disruptions.

Hausdorffstraße bus service: Some buses will be taking detours from March 30 to April 1 due to work on Hausdorffstraße in Dottendorf. Line N3 going to the Bonn central train station, 612 going in the direction of Hindenburgplatz and 630 in the direction of Venusberg-Tannenbusch-North are all affected. Because of the extra time needed to get to the final station of Hindenburgplatz, passengers should be aware that they may not meet their normal connections for the 61/62.

Interrupted service between Bonn and Brühl: From April 2 until April 4, passengers travelling on tram line 18 between Bonn, the Vorgebirge and Cologne will be transported on buses between Brühl Mitte and Schwadorf. Work is being done there to construct a second track. The interim buses will have the number “118”. Line 18 coming from Cologne will go until Brühl Mitte and then return to Cologne. Between Schwadorf and Bonn, lines 18 and 68 will be running on a different timetable during that period and it is recommended passengers give themselves an extra 15 minutes.

A59 accident: An accident on Monday afternoon caused the temporary closure of the A59 towards Königswinter. Police say two cars collided in the right lane at around 12:45 p.m. Two persons were slightly injured and brought to the hospital. The autobahn was closed until 1:15 p.m. when one of three lanes was opened. An hour later, all lanes were opened.

B56 accident in Swisstal-Buschhoven: On Saturday evening at 8:25 p.m., a 60-year-old woman was seriously injured in an accident involving a passing maneuver. The woman had been driving behind a tractor. A 22-year-old driver behind her attempted to pass both her and the tractor and just as he was nearly alongside her car, she had also decided to pass the tractor. The cars touched on the sides and the woman’s car crashed into a tree. She was brought by ambulance to the hospital with serious injuries. Both cars were heavily damaged and had to be towed away. Police estimate damages at 16,000 euro.

A555: Despite resentment from drivers, the A555 right hand shoulder will remain blocked off where the exit to the A565 is also closed off for construction work. People have complained that the red and white traffic posts block off the right shoulder, preventing them from using it as a right lane to take them directly to the Tannenbusch exit. Instead, right turners have to wait with the rest of the traffic. Authorities have said the traffic barriers will remain in place as a safety measure.

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