Criminal statistics: Crime rate goes up in 2015

Criminal statistics : Crime rate goes up in 2015

Police reports show there were more burglaries and car break-ins this past year.

Statistics show that the number of criminal offenses in the past year have increased in Bonn and Beuel. In Bonn, 19,476 crimes were committed in 2015, which is 786 more than in 2014. In Beuel, there were 2,350 crimes reported, a total of 210 more than in 2014.

Theft: 5,769 cases of simple theft were recorded in Bonn. This is an increase of 449 from the previous year. Included in this number is shoplifting, and these incidents went up by 273. Part of this increase could be because more shoplifters are being caught due to growing use of cameras and store detectives.

Serious thefts in Bonn went from 4,229 cases in 2014 to 4,579 cases in 2015.

In Beuel, cases of simple theft went from 876 in 2014 to 917 in 2015. Serious thefts increased from 1,155 in 2014 to 1,218 in 2015.

Car break-ins: 1,323 car break-ins were reported in Bonn for 2015; this is 54 more than in 2014. The number in Beuel increased from 390 to 402. Officials say there is a difference in the type of crimes and criminals from the left side of the Rhine to the right side. On the left side in Bonn, it’s mostly criminals who are looking for quick money, for example drug addicts who take every chance to break in and steal anything of worth. On the left side where Beuel is, it’s mainly criminal bands from outside the region who steal navigation systems and airbags. A group from Lithuania is currently being investigated.

Burglaries: The number of home burglaries in Bonn in 2015 was 584, similar to 2014 with 588. There were 116 burglaries in businesses in 2015; this is 13 less than in 2014. In Beuel, however, home burglaries increased by 16 to a total of 295, and break-ins at businesses rose to 37, which is 7 more than last year. Some of these might be explained by the Albanian band of burglars who drilled holes around door locks to break in, using this technique not only in Bonn but all over Europe. They are responsible for numerous burglaries between August and November of 2015.

Robbery, bodily assault and false imprisonment (holding someone against their will): 2,042 of these types of crimes occurred in 2015 in Bonn, up from 2,028 in 2014. Violent crimes including rape, serious assault, robbery and homicides have gone up from 673 in 2014 to 701 in 2015 in Bonn. Street crimes in Bonn went from 5,738 in 2014 to 5,971 in 2015.

Stolen bikes: 1,626 bikes were stolen in Bonn in 2015; this is 130 more than were stolen in 2014. In Beuel, 375 bikes were stolen in 2015, an increase of 14 from 2014.

A new weekly police radar map of break-ins and attempted break-ins can be found at:

On the map, red-colored pins represent burglaries that were completed and green-colored pins represent attempted burglaries.

Police remind residents to secure their homes, and if they observe suspicious behavior to call 110. (Orig. text: Ayla Jacob)

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