English brochure explains carnival: Cop23 visitors invited to carnival session opening

English brochure explains carnival : Cop23 visitors invited to carnival session opening

Carnival is for everybody - and Bonn wanted to extend a special invitation to Cop 23 participants for the session opening this weekend. But of course the invitation is open to all and this is a great chance for the international community to experience carnival tradition in the Rhineland.

Bonn’s carnival committee and Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan have invited all Cop 23 guests to come out on Saturday and enjoy the kick off to carnival season. The official start is at 11:11 am on the 11th of November and the big event in Bonn city will take place at Marktplatz. Because the opening of the carnival season just happens to coincide with the climate conference, the Bonn carnivalists thought it would be nice to invite visitors from all over the world to enjoy this German tradition.

For those who don’t know what carnival in Germany is all about, the Bonn carnival committee has published a brochure in English. It explains the history, tradition and all of the important days of carnival from Shrove Thursday to Rose Monday. A helpful guide to carnival in Bonn, it also lists all the important dates so you can mark your calendars. Please see this link for the “Carnival in Bonn” brochure in English.

The flyers in English will also be handed out at the Marktplatz in Bonn city center on Saturday, November 11. Bonn carnival royalty will be presented on stage and some of the moderation will be held in English.

For conference participants who don’t have time on Saturday morning, they don’t have to miss this Rhineland tradition. Between 3:30 and 4:30 pm, a carnival delegation from Beuel will meet up with the “UN-Funken”, the UN carnival club in the Bonn Zone at the Rheinaue. (Orig. text: hol/ck, translation: ckloep)