German Christmas market season: Christmas markets in Bonn and the region

German Christmas market season : Christmas markets in Bonn and the region

The season is here: Bonn Christmas Market will open this Friday, November 23, along with many other Christmas markets in the region. Here’s a list of Christmas markets you can visit in Bonn and the region.

Hot mulled wine, potato pancakes, handmade items and much more: the Christmas markets in Bonn and the region have lots to offer visitors.

Christmas market in Bonn city center

A total of 181 stands - featuring both decorative and everyday items, Christmas decorations and seasonal culinary delights - can be found at the large Christmas market in Bonn city center. The Christmas market will officially open on Friday, November 23 at 5pm. It’s the 50th anniversary of the Bonn Christmas market so the City Skyliner observation tower - an 81-meter-high ride - has been erected at Remigiusplatz. It is billed as the world's tallest Christmas candle. The opening of the market will be accompanied by the B4 Big Band of the Ludwig van Beethoven Music School in Bonn.

Where: Münsterplatz, Bottlerplatz, Friedensplatz, Mülheimer Platz, Windeckstraße, Vivatsgasse and Poststraße, 53111 Bonn.

When: 23 November to 23 December 2018

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday: 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. (stalls until 9 p.m.), Friday and Saturday: 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. (stalls until 9 p.m.). The Christmas market is closed on Sunday, 25 November in observance of the last Sunday before Advent commemorating the dead.

Nikolausmarkt in Bad Godesberg

The Nikolausmarkt in Bad Godesberg has around 50 stands and offers a range of Christmas specialties from mulled wine to all sorts of decorations. The most popular attraction for children is a carousel at the market. On December 6, St. Nicholas will visit in his carriage. On the weekends there is a variety of acts on stage at the Frohnhof.

Where: Theaterplatz Bad Godesberg

When: 26 November to 23 December 2018

Nikolausmarkt in Beuel

This year the Nikolausmarkt will take place in the area surrounding the Sankt Josef Church in Beuel. In addition to various stalls, the Beuel clubs, schools, day-care centers and the parish of Sankt Josef also offer a program for the stage. As a special guest, St. Nicholas comes to the market every day at 4 pm.

Where: Sankt Josef-Kirche Beuel

When: Friday, 30 November to Sunday, 2 December

Christmas market in Mehlem

The market square in the center of Mehlem is transformed into a Christmas wonderland every year. Numerous associations and volunteers help to set up the 20 or so stands. After the opening there is a stage program and St. Nicholas comes to visit.

Where: Marketplace Mehlem

When: Saturday, 1 December

Other Christmas markets in Bonn districts:

Advent market in Dusidorf: Friday, 30 November to Sunday, 2 December.

Christmas Market Holzlarer Mühle: Saturday, December 8th.

Katharinen fair with medieval market in Blankenberg

The historical Katharinen fair in Blankenberg takes visitors back to the year 1248. From 23 November to 25 November, guests can experience the Middle Ages in this small town for the 15th year in a row now.

Where: Markt, 53773 Hennef (Sieg)

When: 23 to 25 November, 2018

Opening hours: Friday, 23 November from 4 - 10pm, Saturday, 24 November from 10am - 10pm, Sunday, 25 November from 10am - 6pm


Hennef Christmas Market

The traditional Hennef Christmas Market takes place on the first weekend of Advent. Various stalls on the market square create a pre-Christmas atmosphere. Santa Claus walks with an angel on stilts across the market - together they distribute Weckmänner (baked bread rolls) to the children on Sunday at 6 pm. Hennef stores will be open on Sunday from 1 pm to 6 pm.

Where: Marktplatz, 53773 Hennef (Sieg)

When: 30 November to 2 December 2018

Opening hours: Friday: 4 pm to 8 pm, Saturday: 11 am to 8 pm, Sunday: 11 am to 7 pm

Ahrweiler Christmas Market

The Christmas market in Ahrweiler is a real insider tip because of its especially romantic atmosphere. Situated within the nearly 800-year-old city walls, the Christmas market has a very special ambiance. In addition to the many different stands, there is "Sunday shopping" on Advent Sundays. On the third Saturday of Advent the Christmas market is open until midnight.

Where: Within the city walls. Entrance through the gates: Adenbachtor, Obertor, Ahrtor and Niedertor, 53474 Ahrweiler

When: Opening: 30 November 5pm to 9pm, on every Advent Friday and Saturday from 11am to 9pm; Advent Sunday: 11am to 8pm; on 15 December (third Advent Saturday) from 11am to midnight. In addition, the market is open on 6 December from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m..

Nikolausmarkt in Rheinbreitbach

The Rheinbreitbach Nikolausmarkt opens its gates on 1 December. One can purchase original Thuringian bratwurst, potato pancakes, waffles and Christmas cookies. In addition, handicrafts, homemade pearls, jewelry, jam, soap and dog treats are offered.

Where: Renesse-Platz, 53359 Rheinbreitbach, Germany

When: 1 December 2018

Opening hours: 2pm - 10pm

Döörper Christmas in Ruppichteroth

Döörper Weihnacht" has become a synonym for romance and a festive atmosphere. This year it takes place again between the two churches in the centre of Ruppichteroth.

Where: Burgstraße, 53809 Ruppichteroth

When: 8 and 9 December 2018


Medieval market in Siegburg

The medieval Christmas market in Siegburg is back again this year. The whole atmosphere will once again offer an authentic view of the Middle Ages. Only torches and candles will bring light to the darkness, and the costumes are just as much in keeping with the times as the language, food and goods on offer. Also on hand of course are jugglers, singers and medieval craftsmen.

Where: Marktplatz, 53721 Siegburg

When: 25 November to 23 December (closing on 23 December is at 8 p.m.)

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday: 11 am to 9 pm; Friday and Saturday: 11 am to 10 pm (On Sunday, 25 November, in observance of the last Sunday before Advent commemorating the dead, the market opens from 6 pm to 9 pm)

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Christmas market at Wissem Castle

A beautiful moated castle with an atmospheric illuminated courtyard awaits the guests of the Troisdorf Christmas Market at Burg Wissem. The market opens on Friday afternoon of the third Advent weekend. A Christmas music program accompanies the atmosphere in the castle courtyard. In the rooms of the creative workshop, the works of art can be admired by course participants.

Where: Burgallee 1, 53840 Troisdorf, Germany

When: 14 to 16 December

Opening hours: Friday: 2pm - 9pm, Saturday: 11am - 9pm, Sunday: 11am - 7pm

Christmas market in Brühl

The traditional Brühl Christmas market opens on 22 November. The inner city shines with numerous lights and transforms the city center into a Christmas village. On the 2nd Advent weekend, there will also be Sunday shopping.

Where: City center, 50321 Brühl

When: 22 November to 24 December

Opening hours: daily from 11 am to 8 pm, on 24 December until 2 pm, shops are open for business on Sunday, 9 December from 1 pm to 6 pm.

Christmas market in Rheinbach

The Rheinbach Christmas Market has already become a tradition - and is also popular with many visitors to the region. The special feature here is also the location: at the foot of the Wasemer Tower, with a view of the medieval town center illuminated by Christmas lights.

Where: Prümer Wall and Pützstraße, 53359 Rheinbach, Germany

When: 14 to 16 December (Friday, 2pm - 9pm, Saturday and Sunday, 11am - 9pm)

"Zintemaat" in Meckenheim

"Zintemaat" is the name of the Meckenheimer Christmas Market that takes place this year. Culinary specialities and gift items are sold at about 30 different stands. For the little ones, the Christmas Market offers activities such as Christmas handicrafts and children's theater performances. On 9 December, stores are open for Sunday shopping from 1 pm to 6 pm.

Where: Kirchplatz, 53340 Meckenheim

When: 7 to 9 December

Knuspermarkt Neuwied

The Neuwieder Knuspermarkt offers handmade unique pieces, Christmas decorations and a stage program. The organizers have set up a children's Christmas land. In the little huts they experience different play worlds such as doll's house, merchant's shop or the arctic.

Where: Luisenplatz, 56564 Neuwied, Germany

When: 26 November to 24 December 2018; On Christmas Eve the Glühweinhütte is open from 11 am to 3 pm.

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday: 10am to 7pm, Friday and Saturday: 10am to 8pm, Sunday: 11am to 7pm.

Christmas village in Euskirchen

From Friday, 14 December to Sunday, 16 December, Euskirchen will be holding a Christmas market in the historic ambience of the Old Market Square. On the Sunday the shops will be open from 1pm to 6pm.

Where: city center, Gardebrunnen and Klosterplatz, 53879 Euskirchen

When: 14 to 16 December 2018

Opening hours: Friday: 4pm - 10pm, Saturday: 11am - 10pm, Sunday: 11am - 7pm

Christmas markets in Cologne

The various Christmas markets in Cologne are open from 26 November to 23 December 2018.

At Cologne Cathedral, the stalls are set up around a huge Christmas tree.

An ice rink at Heumarkt Christmas market will delight visitors.

The "Markt der Engel" ("Angels' market") at Neumarkt offers a magnificent sea of stars and the "Nikolausdorf" on Cologne's Rudolfplatz is particularly family-friendly. Next to the Chocolate Museum is the Harbor Christmas market, and for those who like it a bit more cosy, they will get their money's worth at the Christmas market in the Stadtgarten. New is the LGBT Christmas market, "Heavenue, the gay christmas market" between Hahnen and Schaafenstraße. At the Alter Markt, at "Heinzels Wintermärchen", visitors can watch sweets being whipped up out of sugar at the candy factory.

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