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Police stopped woman travelling to Moscow: Child abduction prevented at Cologne-Bonn airport

Police stopped woman travelling to Moscow : Child abduction prevented at Cologne-Bonn airport

A five-year-old girl was to fly with her aunt from Cologne-Bonn airport to Moscow at her father’s request. The child had been reported missing.

Federal police at Cologne-Bonn airport prevented a suspected abduction on Sunday. The child’s aunt had tried to take the five-year-old girl to Moscow with her, although the residency rights had not been settled. Police said the woman was acting on behalf of the child’s father.

Officials at the outbound police passport control then found that the girl had been reported missing. The child and her aunt were taken aside to clarify the situation. The girl was then handed over to child protective services until she could be handed over to her mother. The police have filed a complaint against the child’s aunt for abduction of a minor.

To counteract cases of child abduction, the police conduct particularly intensive controls when minor children are travelling without their parents. Officials therefore advise one to have an authorisation from one of the legal guardians in such cases and to present this without being asked at police controls.

(Original text: ga.de. Translated by Kate Carey)