Beethoven Fest: Celebrating Beethoven: 60 concerts in 25 locations

Beethoven Fest : Celebrating Beethoven: 60 concerts in 25 locations

It’s coming soon, an annual celebration of Bonn’s favorite son. With the Beethoven Fest, people will have the opportunity to attend many concerts and related events. A website in English is a useful tool for navigating the festival.

Artistic director of the Beethoven Fest, Nike Wagner has proclaimed the theme of this year’s Beethoven Fest “Schicksal” or “Fate” in English. From August 31 until September 23, the festival will be exploring the varieties of fate with Beethoven and other composers, with nearly 60 concerts, choreographed evenings, readings and other events at 25 locations in Bonn and the region.

Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, the “Fate Symphony” is the fixed star and the other works revolve around it like planets. To give some insight into the diversity of this year’s festival, General Anzeiger has issued a special supplement of the Beethoven Fest Bonn (in German).

But for those who don’t speak German and also don’t want to miss out on all the Beethoven Fest events, organizers have created a user-friendly website in English. It has information about all of the concerts and other events and how to get tickets. For the opening concert “Beethoven’s Fifth” on August 31 (tickets start at 43 euros) and the event “Ludwig’s Lounge on Friday” (tickets start at 89 euros), also on August 31, the website says there are only few tickets left. But if you want to see the opening concert for free, bring a blanket and picnic basket and enjoy the live broadcast at Bonn’s Marktplatz, starting at 8pm.

It looks like organizers have created a festival with an interesting and varied program to appeal to all kinds of people. With “Ludwig’s Lounge,” you can expect to be wined and dined. The “Tempest” and “Story Water” bring dance to the foreground and the stage will belong to youth on September 1 in Bonn’s city center. Intrigued by the event “You do not go unpunished in Hollywood”? It’s one of many that sound like something out of the ordinary.

For complete information about programs, locations and how to get tickets, please see the English language website:

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