One World Mobile in Bad Godesberg: Caravan for young people finds no home

One World Mobile in Bad Godesberg : Caravan for young people finds no home

The One World Mobil can’t go to Lannesdorf and Rüngsdorf, but only to the Kurpark. No site has yet been found as a regular home at the Mehlemer railway station.

It wasn’t a huge barbecue organised by Lena Gutt-Blümel and Carsten Gebauer at the Bolzplatz at the Andreasschule. They had pulled in there with the One World Mobil to get in touch with young people. However, there were few of those to be seen in the beginning. "It's like a good party, you can show up later", Gebauer said, positively. The pedagogical director knows from experience that the young people take advantage of the offer.

School or private problems are what the 14- to 21-year-olds discuss with the One World co-workers, so Gebauer. And: Discussions over politics are just as popular as sport activities, and having food and drinks together. We also "react to the young people’s demands", said Gutt-Blümel.

The work of the One World Mobil was the topic of discussion at the district council on Wednesday evening. As reported, the offer of the cooperation partners Godesheim and CJG Hermann-Josef-Haus, who are also sponsors of the One World Café, is only available on Fridays in the Kurpark. The Rheinallee and the Panoramapark are no longer accessible for the caravan. "There were young people who lamented this," said Gebauer. Some also wished for a second day in the Kurpark. Instead, the team stops in Lannesdorf and Rüngsdorf. The problem: These locations are hardly accepted by the young folk despite two recent moves to accommodate more people –from "Im Gries" to the Lannesdorf village square and from Kapellenweg to Bolzplatz at the Andreas School.

But why was the mobile removed from the city centre, the politicians wanted to know? According to the administration, the reason for this is the leisure facility requirements plan. An analysis had shown that the offer of open youth work in the city is relatively good. The situation is different in the south-western (Heiderhof and Muffendorf) and southern (Lannesdorf, Pennenfeld and Rüngsdorf) districts. The Spielmobil was moved from the Heiderhof to Rüngsdorf and the One World Mobil was sent to these districts. Nevertheless, according to the administration, "there is still a clear undersupply".

Initially, the mobile was parked in the "Im Gries“ area. According to the city council, 117 14- to 21-year-olds live in the housing estate there. They did not show any interest in the mobile. It was "not possible to reach the local young people with a low-threshold offer". Since the beginning of May 2018, the team has therefore been driving to the Lannesdorf village square. However, there is little or no interest there either – although according to the city, young people are definitely using the area.

The situation is similar in Rüngsdorf. From September 2018, the mobile was parked at the Kapellenweg playground, "which is frequented by young people especially in the evening hours". However, the location was not accepted. The mobile has been present at the Andreasschule football field since January. The influx could be larger, but starting in winter could have had an impact also, according to Gebauer. "Time will show what the demand is like“.

The politicians wanted to know which locations would still be attractive for the project-executing agency. On the one hand, this is still the Kurpark, apparently. On the other hand, the Mehlem railway station was listed. However, no suitable parking space was found there - because the owner of the site in question refused permission to use it.

(Original text: Ayla Jacob; Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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