Transport proposal: Cable cars for Bonn?

Transport proposal : Cable cars for Bonn?

A proposal is on the table for a cable car system in Bonn and so far, the idea is being very positively received.

A cable car in Cali, Colombia carries passengers above the house tops and far away from the streets filled with traffic – a modern urban transport system. If Bonn transportation and environmental organizations, and traffic expert Heiner Monheim get their way, such a cable car system could also become a reality for Bonn. They have now sent in their proposal to the North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) Department of Transportation. Says Monheim, “This project, integrated into the public transportation scheme, would be unique in Germany, and has incredible potential to solve traffic problems in Bonn.”

About 120 people attended an information evening put on by area political leaders in the Beuel City Hall. A local public transportation chair, Rainer Bohnet says at first the idea may seem unusual but a cable car system over the Rhine would take a lot of pressure from the transportation policy debate in Bonn and offer a cutting-edge solution. Resonance from the Federal Ministry of Transport has been positive. A study of the feasibility of the cable project is expected by the end of the year. If that goes well, it would then be important to gain wide public support.

Four stops are currently envisioned for the cable cars, extending from Venusberg over the Museum mile, the UN campus, over the Rhine to T-Mobile and to Ennert. With 35 cabins, about 5,000 people could be transported per hour and offer full accessibility for those with special needs. Construction costs and time would be lower than is normally needed for rail projects.

Monheim says the costs are estimated at 150 to 200 million euro. Discussions about urban cable cars are also a topic right now in other German cities such as Wuppertal, Siegen, Trier and Frankfurt am Main.

(Orig. text: Anke Vehmeier)

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