24-year-old arrested: Burglar left multiple traces in Bonn

24-year-old arrested : Burglar left multiple traces in Bonn

He left a scarf behind, then gloves: DNA traces have led Bonn police to a burglar in Bad Godesberg. In the end, however, a GPS signal was his undoing. Plainclothes police officers arrested him.

On Thursday night, plainclothes police officers arrested a 24-year-old man in Bad Godesberg's Kurpark. The man is thought to have committed at least four burglaries in Bad Godesberg between April 25 and May 14. "An arrest warrant had previously been issued against him," police reported.

Investigators of the Criminal Investigation Department 34 were on the man's trail after an attempted burglary on April 25. He had tried to break into the rooms of a residential and commercial building on Aennchenstraße at around 3 am. When he noticed that a surveillance camera had filmed him, he tore it down and ran away with it. In the course of further investigations, the Kosovar, who lives near all of the places where the crimes occurred, could be clearly identified from the footage.

The suspect left DNA traces behind in two places: During an attempted burglary on April 28, he came upon a resident in the bedroom of an apartment on Laufenbergstraße and fled - but without a scarf, which he had lost at the scene of the crime. When he broke into a dwelling on Röntgenstrasse, he left garden gloves behind. Three days later, he again left clues on Röntgenstrasse: he had taken a mobile phone with him and the GPS signal could later be read at his home address.

So the investigators put all the pieces of the puzzle together. In addition to a knife, the suspect also carried a four-figure sum of cash and narcotics with him at the time of arrest. The police are now investigating whether the man could have been responsible for more burglaries.

Orig. text: Richard Bongartz Translation: Carol Kloeppel

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