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300 people at vigil: Bonners commemorate the victims of Hanau at Marktplatz

300 people at vigil : Bonners commemorate the victims of Hanau at Marktplatz

Stunned, angry and grief-stricken: the bloody deed of Hanau also caused great outrage in Bonn. About 300 people came to a spontaneous vigil in front of the town hall on Friday. Political parties, various organizations and institutions had called for such a gathering. Carnival royalty was also represented.

Mayor Ashok Sridharan had previously called the Hanau crimes "deeply abhorrent": "On behalf of all Bonn residents, I would like to express my deepest sympathy to their families. The vicious attack on innocent people has affected us all, since it was aimed at the values that hold our society together. I strongly condemn the racist sentiment that seems to be behind it and call on all democratic forces in our country to set an example and to take every possible opportunity to work for peaceful and open coexistence.”

Bonn, as the place where the German Grundgesetz (Basic Law) originated, will make its contribution by working with partners to raise awareness of the values embodied therein. "And this also in the spirit of Beethoven: All people become brothers and sisters. Bonn feels a commitment to this," said the head of the city. Before calling for a minute of silence, he called for people "...not only to commemorate the victims of Hanau, but to include all those who have been victims of racism, extremism and violence worldwide". As a sign of solidarity, the flags in front of the town hall were raised to half-mast.

Two large churches will also send out a signal against hatred and violence this weekend. On this Sunday, after the mass at 12 noon in the St. Remigius Catholic Church, a book of condolences will be available for every visitor to sign after the service.

Dismay and sadness also permeate the Protestant Church in Bonn and the region. "In all services next Sunday, the congregations will remember the dead and the victims in despite of the carnival and ask for peace and reconciliation among the people", explains press pastor Joachim Gerhardt.

(Orig. text: Gabriele Immenkeppel; Translation: ck)