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Plan from NRW Prime Minister Laschet: Bonn targeted for Academy of International Politics

Plan from NRW Prime Minister Laschet : Bonn targeted for Academy of International Politics

NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet wants to bolster Bonn as a UN location. To do so, he aims to locate a new Academy for International Politics in Bonn.

In his recent speech at a reception of International Bonn in city hall, NRW State Secretary for Federal, European and International Affairs, Mark Speich mentioned something as an aside that made guests sit up and take notice: The new Academy for International Politics announced by NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet is to be located in Bonn.

When asked by GA what the planning for this academy looked like in concrete terms, Laschet replied: "In my government declaration I announced that we would found an academy for international politics in North Rhine-Westphalia. It should be a forum from which we as a north-south country in the heart of our continent can give impetus to the discourse on the future of Europe and international relations".

Bonn is the right place for this with its outstanding scientific and global presence. He continued, "Here we want to bring together highly qualified and creative scientists from all over the world for research visits and thus make Bonn even more visible as an international city. My goal has always been to strengthen Bonn as the only German UN location. With the Academy, we are making a further contribution to this.” When and where this academy is to be established in Bonn was left open by the State Chancellery.

According to reports, the state budget for 2019 initially includes around 200,000 euros to form a project group that will focus on the establishment of the academy. Mayor Ashok Sridharan was delighted with the news: "A wonderful project that is perfectly tailored to the international city of Bonn with its 20 UN secretariats, 150 non-governmental organizations and countless internationally active companies".

Joachim Stamp, Vice Prime Minister of Bonn, is also pleased with the decision: "It underlines Bonn's importance and networking as an international city and is the ideal place to sharpen our focus on global interrelationships and set new impulses from NRW”.

Orig. text: Lisa Inhoffen
Translation: ck