Two on a scooter: Bonn police stop drunken e-scooter riders

Two on a scooter : Bonn police stop drunken e-scooter riders

Two drunken e-scooter riders were removed from traffic by Bonn police officers on Saturday evening. Both riders were illegally on their scooters with another person.

Bonn police stopped several drunken e-scooter riders at the weekend. Officers said a 31-year-old man was on his scooter on the walk and cycle path on Frierich-Ebert-Allee at around 7.05pm on Saturday heading towards Bonn. The man not only illegally had a 26-year-old passenger but was also snaking from side to side.

The police stopped the couple and carried out a breath alcohol test. This gave an alcohol level of 1.6 for the 31-year-old. The driver had to go to the police station in Duisdorf, where a blood sample was taken and his driving licence was seized. He is now awaiting investigations for drunk driving.

A 21-year-old was also not alone while riding his e-scooter on Saturday evening. The man was carrying a 21-year-old on his journey along Heussallee towards the B9 at around 7.25pm. Police stopped him and also carried out an alcohol test that resulted in an alcohol level of 1.5. The man also had to go to the police station for a blood test.

Rules for e-scooters

Those using an e-scooter on public roads must obey the rules or face criminal charges and fines. Jumping a red light costs between 60 and 180 Euro. Police can levy a fine of between 15 and 30 Euro to those riding on pavements. Riding on the motorway is not only life-threatening, it is also banned and costs 20 Euro.

E-scooters require an insurance sticker. Those who do not have one must pay Euro 40. If the e-scooter does not have a proper licence, 70 Euros are due. Riding alongside someone else can cost between 15 and 30 Euros.

There is no obligation to wear a helmet, but police advise wearing one.

You do not need a driving licence to ride an e-scooter. However, there is a minimum age of 14 years. The Bonn rental company TIER only allows their use from 18 years. The maximum permitted speed for so-called electric small vehicles is 20 kilometres per hour. Those who technically adjust their e-scooter so that it goes faster must expect a criminal charge.

The same alcohol limits apply to e-scooter riders as to car drivers and there is also a ban on using mobile and smartphones. If there is no available bike path, e-scooters must use the road – pavements are forbidden. In general, the vehicles can only be used by one person. Those turning their vehicle should use the same hand signals as when riding a bike. In Bonn, there are many areas of the city centre where rented e-scooters cannot be left.

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