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The policeman on two wheels: Bonn has a bicycle cop

The policeman on two wheels : Bonn has a bicycle cop

As a bicycle cop in Bonn, Klemens Weber has a special interest in the Kennedy Bridge and the pedestrian underpass at Kaiserplatz. He is often faster at the scene than his colleagues in the patrol car.

Nobody can get past Klemens Weber that easily. "I only had to admit defeat once," the 61-year-old is still worried - even if the road hog back then only managed to escape for a short time. Even at over 60, Weber is fit all round. "I have to be," he says and slowly peels himself out of his warm uniform.

While others train endurance and fitness in fitness studios, he simply completes a normal shift. He has been on the streets for 24 years as a bicycle cop for the Bonn police. "I ride at least 30 kilometres a day", he says. But always without an additional motor drive on his official bike. Klemens Weber apparently has a built-in tailwind that he can rely on in case of pursuits. "When I'm on duty, I'm usually faster than my colleagues in the patrol car," he says and smiles.

Born in Beuel, he started working for the police 40 years ago. Before that he had completed a bank apprenticeship. "But actually I always wanted to join the police," he says. At the age of 21, he took a flying start and began police training. Later he drove a tank at the Einsatzhundertschaft, and as a security guard during capital city times, he was responsible for the safety of state guests and politicians. After 41 years as a policeman, Weber will retire next year at the age of 62 - but he won’t be slowing down at all.

Sights set on Kennedy Bridge and Kaiserplatz

"No," he says and laughs. "That's as calm as my life will ever be." He has too many hobbies and interests for that. At home in Eudenbach there is always work to be done at his 280-year-old Westfälischen Hof. He is a forest owner, hobby farmer and environmentalist. Together with his wife, he wants to turn a large green strip into a wildflower meadow. All over the property he creates nesting places for birds and insects. Even a small creek winds its way through his property. In spring he wants to build an outdoor oven to bake bread in the open air. "The only way to keep all this in shape is to have the right woman at your side," he says. He does. Together, the couple keep about 10,000 square meters of factory premises in good shape. The Webers have been married since 1989, have two children and now also had a three-month-old grandson.

As a bicycle cop, Weber has a special interest in the Kennedy Bridge and the pedestrian underpass at Kaiserplatz. Because time and again cyclists would not follow the rules and endanger themselves and others. "Often it's enough just to point them out. Sometimes I have to give a warning or fine," he says. He has long felt that the climate of togetherness has changed. "More and more aggression is coming our way," he sums up.

After work, he climbs onto his digger

Once it got really dangerous for him at Pützchen's market. At that time a drunk man with a knife in his hand rushed at him. "But together with my colleague I was able to calm him down, and nobody was hurt," Weber said. It was a bit different with his two falls. "But I did not suffer serious injuries."

While he is on the road with muscle power at work, he relies on mechanical horsepower at home. Recently he bought his own small digger at home, and there are also two vintage tractors in the barn. One dates from 1958 (the year Weber was born), the other from 1973.

But the days of Weber apparently have more than 24 hours, one might think. Because apart from his commitment to agriculture and the forest, he has many other creative hobbies in addition to his police job. These include mountain climbing and music. As a solo entertainer he likes to create a good atmosphere at parties.

In the meantime, Weber also knows why the road hog ran away from him. "He was wanted on a warrant and must have suddenly developed enormous powers as a result," he says. But it was of no use to him, because only a short time later the fugitive was caught. Instead of a parking ticket from Weber, he was given a free ride to the nearest prison.

(Original text: Gabriele Immenkeppel; Translation: Mareike Graepel)