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New double decker: Bonn gets a new convertible bus

New double decker : Bonn gets a new convertible bus

After the old Bonn convertible bus was taken out of service after more than 620,000 kilometres on the clock, there is now a successor: The sightseeing tours with the new double-decker bus will start soon.

Starting Saturday, a convertible bus will be driving through Bonn again: The "Grand City Tour", the most popular tour of the Bonn Information Centre, will be offered as a "Hop on Hop off Tour" in a double-decker bus from 2020. This means that guests can get on or off the bus at up to twelve stops along the route. The city of Bonn has chosen the service provider Willms Touristik from Much. The bus company is currently operating in eight other cities under the name CityTour.

The tours will initially be available in German and English, with other languages to follow. The German voice is Stephan Kaiser. Some users of navigation devices might be familiar with this voice, as the professional speaker can be heard there as well. The English voice comes from Susan Bonney-Cox. Both speakers also work for Deutsche Welle in Bonn. In keeping with the Beethoven anniversary year, there will be small musical recordings during the trip thanks to the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn.

After more than 620,000 kilometres on the clock, and some resulting breakdowns, with the old convertible bus of the Bonn Stadtwerke, Bonn Information decided to buy a new one. This now also meets the pollutant class required in the city centre. The old bus could not have been upgraded to that.

From 11 January, the convertible bus will be on the streets throughout Bonn every Saturday from 12 noon. Start is at the Budapester Straße, corner Sternstraße. Tickets cost 18 Euro for the Grand Tour "Bonn and Bad Godesberg", 15 Euro for the Short Tour "Kurz und schön" (reduced eight Euros) and can be purchased on the bus or at the Bonn Information Office, Windeckstraße 1.

(Original text: Nicolas Ottersbach)