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New construction works at platform 1: Bike stands at Bonn main station will be cleared

New construction works at platform 1 : Bike stands at Bonn main station will be cleared

Deutsche Bahn is starting further construction works on platform 1 of Bonn main station, near the taxi roundabout south of the station building. Numerous bike parking places will be cleared as a result.

Last week, Deutsche Bahn set up a zone where it is prohibited to leave bikes. However, not all bikes owners have adhered to the ban. Deutsche Bahn has not yet responded to the GA’s question about what will happen to bikes left at the station and whether there is a time limit for collection. According to information signs, the temporary ban started last Wednesday.

A spokesman for Deutsche Bahn said an equally large area would be provided further south, towards the Poppelsdorf underpass, to replace the bike parking area being removed. He also said there are no plans at the moment for additional bike parking spaces at Bonn main station beyond those already provided. Markus Schmidt from the city press office confirmed such an agreement with Deutsche Bahn.

Original text: Philipp Königs. Translated by Kate Carey.