Tailbacks and black spots: Belderberg roadworks cause traffic chaos

Tailbacks and black spots : Belderberg roadworks cause traffic chaos

Near the Belderberg in front of the Koblenzer Tor, the canal system gets renewed. The roadworks are supposed to last until October. Cyclists and motorists have to share the street lane.

Road users have to get used to another set of roadworks on a busy street in Bonn: Since Monday, the civil engineering office is renewing the canal system at the Belderberg between Rheingasse and Konviktstrasse. at the Koblenzer Tor. During rush hour, many motorists were stuck in traffic jams. Cyclists complain about dangerous situations. The road works are supposed to last until October.

The approximately 120-meter canal is being moved underground in open construction. In two short sections the restructure can be done in an old mining tunnel. „After the canal is renewed in the middle of the street, the road drains on either side will be replaced - alternating between traffic directions“, according to the city’s press office. Currently heavy goods vehicles are delivering materials, while engineers are surveying the area. The costs for the construction works are estimated to be about 720,000 Euro.

The city council is aware of the traffic restrictions the works are causing. „Due to the extent of the reconstruction, those cannot be entirely avoided.“ The lanes were narrowed, but the traffic can pass the roadworks in both directions at all times.

Nevertheless, the roadworks were delayed due to the world climate conference in November 2017. The narrowing of the road would have caused too much of a restriction during more intense traffic than usual.

Because of the narrowed street, not only motorists are affected by traffic jams but also cyclists are facing dangerous situations. „Some drivers don’t even see us and try to push past the roadworks, even though there is no space“, said one cyclist. The wing mirror of a car nearly touched his handlebar, almost causing a fall.

(Original text: Nicolas Ottersbach / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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