Renovation to cost 3.5 million euros: Beethoven Haus in Bonn closes until late summer

Renovation to cost 3.5 million euros : Beethoven Haus in Bonn closes until late summer

The Beethoven Haus in Bonn will be celebrating the composer's 250th birthday with a new look. The current exhibition will be completely revamped. Here is what the renovations will mean for visitors.

The museum located in Ludwig van Beethoven's birthplace will close for renovations from February 28 to late summer 2019, said the director of the Beethoven Haus, Malte Boecker, on Thursday in Bonn.

The chronological presentation of the composer's life (1770-1827) will be completely redesigned. In the meantime, visitors will be able to see an exhibition in an adjoining building, but on a much reduced scale.

At the beginning of the anniversary celebrations on December 16, 2019, the redesigned exhibition will be opened again with all new features, including a separate room for fragile documents. The renovation will cost 3.5 million euros. More than 100,000 visitors come to the Beethoven Haus each year.

The Beethoven Haus, which in addition to the museum has a research center, an archive and a chamber music hall, also organizes a large concert program. Among other activities, the composer's entire chamber music repertoire will be performed on 16 evenings, Boecker said. A scientific congress is also planned there for February 2020.

The festivities in Bonn will last one year, until Beethoven's 250th birthday on December 17, 2020. The Bundeskunsthalle and the Beethoven Orchestra will also participate in the festivities. The anniversary celebrations are called "BTHVN", which is how Beethoven sometimes abbreviated his name.

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