Fiba Europe Cup: Baskets charge to the final round of 16

Fiba Europe Cup : Baskets charge to the final round of 16

With a convincing win on Wednesday in Lithuania, the Telekom Baskets stormed to the final round of 16 in the Fiba Cup. They beat Prienu-Birstono with a well-deserved victory of 75:61 (21:16, 18:10, 24:17, 12:18).

It was a convincing win for the Telekom Baskets on Wednesday in Lithuania, but there was also a moment of shock in the middle of the third quarter when Josh Mayo hurt his ankle and hobbled off the court. Apparently, it was not a serious injury but he was not put in for the rest of the game.

“Go on the court, play as hard as we can, and with a win climb to the top of the group,” said Mayo before the game. And that is exactly what his team did. Yorman Polas Bartolo gaining the ball right from the start with a subsequent basket and bonus point was indicative of the first half. With an aggressive defense, Bonn’s Telekom Baskets made it very difficult for their opponents. The Lithuanian team had a hard time to get in attack mode because the Baskets were right at their feet, and quick with their hands and passing.

The Baskets acted decisively in their attack at the net, especially where Julian Gamble showed his stuff, earning 13 points altogether. Bonn’s top scorer was Ken Horton with 19 points.

Johannes Richter jumped in as center for the injured Filip Barovic and he did a good job - six points, six rebounds in around 15 minutes of playing time. The Baskets ended the first quarter in the lead with 21:16. In the second quarter, the host team continued to lose ground. After a three-pointer from Ojars Silins, Koch, Richter, and again Silins scored; Gamble scored twice and the Baskets led 39:24. The Bonn team never let up in intensity and at the end of the third quarter, they were ahead 64:40. Tony DiLeo filled in nicely for Josh Mayo, receiving seven assists.

The Baskets lost their rhythm for a short time and went to 71:59, but in the final phase they turned it back around for a clear victory of 75:61. The team has a ten day pause until the next game. They will take on Alba Berlin at the Telekom Dome on February 5.

(Orig. text: Gerhard Mertens)