Swimming in Bonn: Attendance expected to reach 500,000 at outdoor pools

Swimming in Bonn : Attendance expected to reach 500,000 at outdoor pools

It has been a good summer for outdoor pools in Bonn. The hot and dry weather will have sent around 500,000 visitors to the swimming pools by the end of the outdoor season, officials predict. This is a marked increase compared to last year.

Even the rain on Thursday couldn’t interfere with the positive statistics on swimming pool attendance so far this summer. Sports and swimming authorities say 485,819 people had visited the outdoor swimming pools in Bonn as of Wednesday evening, and they expected around 500,000 visitors altogether this year. In comparison, there were nearly 390,000 visitors altogether for the 2017 outdoor pool season.

Since mid/end of May, the highest attendance was at the Römerbad (105,964 visitors), followed by the Ennertbad (95,350), the outdoor pool in Rüngsdorf (84,077) and the Melbbad (80,905). So far 71,347 swimming guests went to the Hardtbergbad, and 48,17 to the outdoor pool in Friesdorf. The outdoor pools started the season with a slight delay. Sports official Elke Palm praised the work and commitment of the 50 permanent employees and 160 temporary staff.

Outdoor pools generally open through September

The six outdoor pools will remain open until September 2. If the weather is good, the city plans to extend the outdoor pool season at the Hardtberg pool. From Monday, September 3, the indoor pool season will begin at the Hardtberg pool, in the Frankenbad facility and at the Beueler Bütt. The air-domed hall in Friesdorf will be open from September 17. During the two weeks leading up to the opening, the conversion to the indoor pool will take place.

Meanwhile, the city administration clarified that the Frankenbad facility will also be used for school swimming in the upcoming indoor pool season. The responsible authorities said the technology was outdated but still fully functional, allowing the pool to be used. They added that they could not predict how long this would be the case, given the aged condition of the pool.

(Orig. text: Rüdiger Franz / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)

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