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Deutsche Post: Appel to remain in office

Deutsche Post : Appel to remain in office

In its meeting on Friday morning, the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Post AG extended CEO Frank Appel’s contract for another five years until October 2022.

Frank Appel (55) has been a board member of the Deutsche Post DHL Group since 2002 and Chief Executive Officer since 2008. In 2009 he introduced the Strategy 2015, which unlocked the group’s revenue and profit potential. With the Strategy 2020 he is setting the course for the Deutsche Post DHL Group to use the megatrend e-commerce across all four divisions to further build on its market leadership.

In an interview with the General Anzeiger, Frank Appel talks at length about his guiding principles of management and his leadership style: “I have always made career decisions on the basis of whom I work for more than what I do. I came to Deutsche Post because I had, and still have, a lot of respect for Klaus Zumwinkel – for his style of leadership. He was an outstanding manager. For him it was not about being right, but doing the right thing. It was about striving for the right answer, not about being the boss. That made an impression on me and I wanted to do the same. When someone has a better argument than me, I also change my opinion. That sometimes irritates people, but I do not need to prove anything to myself. As chief executive officer, I often forget that I am the chief executive officer because for me it is about the issue.”

Read the interview in German on page 3 of the General Anzeiger tomorrow or in English at GA English.

(Original text: Jasmin Fischer. Translated by Kate Carey.)