A 59 crash near Spich: 79-year-old allegedly obstructed rescue workers

A 59 crash near Spich : 79-year-old allegedly obstructed rescue workers

Following the accident on Wednesday on the A59, police reported a 79-year-old driver of a Mercedes. The man is said to have made video recordings in the closed-off area and obstructed the emergency services in their work.

After the two traffic accidents on Wednesday afternoon on the A59 near the Troisdorf-Spich junction, police filed a complaint against a 79-year-old Mercedes driver, according to the Cologne police on Thursday. The man was involved in the accident in the direction of Cologne, but remained uninjured, and repeatedly made video recordings in the closed-off area, obstructing rescue and accident recording work. The man's camera was seized by the police.

As reported, there were two accidents on Wednesday in Troisdorf-Spich. First, an unloaded tanker truck had hit a semi-trailer truck in the direction of Cologne at 12 noon. The semi-trailer had detached itself from the tractor for reasons unknown so far. The semi-trailer then collided with a Deutsche Bahn van, a Smart and the 79-year-old's Mercedes.

Shortly after the first accident a Golf hit a taxi on the other carriageway almost directly opposite. At first, the motorway was closed in the direction of Bonn as well.

The traffic accident team of the motorway police was on site and documented the accident damages. A 3-D scanner was also used. Above all, they investigated how the trailer of one of the trucks involved could detach itself from the tractor. The bolt, which holds both parts of the vehicle together and is normally attached to the trailer, was stuck in the tractor's semitrailer plate after the accident. The investigation is not yet complete, and the 79-year-old will soon have to answer for violating the personal life of others by taking photographs and videos.

(Original text: GA Bonn; Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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