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Arrest in Bonn: 43-year-old injured with knife at bus station

Arrest in Bonn : 43-year-old injured with knife at bus station

Bloody end to argument at Bonn bus station: a 43-year-old man was injured in the upper body with a knife. The alleged perpetrator was at first able to escape but was then found in an ice-cream parlour.

A disagreement between two men at Bonn bus station on Sunday evening resulted in the injury of a 43-year-old man. Police said that according to current reports, the men encountered one another at around 6.45pm near the underground exit and then got into a verbal disagreement.

As the argument continued, the 43-year-old was then injured in the upper body with a knife. The unidentified suspect then ran off as rescue workers, who had been called, cared for the injured man and took him to a hospital. Police said his injuries were not life threatening.

An immediate search by the authorities ultimately led to the detention of the suspect, of whom the police had a good personal description. They found him in an ice-cream parlour in “Markt” street and handcuffed him. They also found the suspected weapon in the shop. They secured the knife.

The arrested 48-year-old man is known to the authorities for violent and property crimes and according to investigations to date, has no fixed address. The investigations are continuing.

(Original text: general-anzeiger-bonn.de. Translation: kc)