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Punk and rock in the neighbourhood: 4,000 fans party at Green Juice Festival in Beuel

Punk and rock in the neighbourhood : 4,000 fans party at Green Juice Festival in Beuel

This time the weather plays along: The Green Juice Festival got off to a great start on Friday. 4,000 fans partied on the first day already.

It was worth the fight: Since the Green Juice Festival almost broke the organisers’ bank last year, what with a whole day canceled due to an extremely rainy 10th anniversary celebration and all, it recovered with a fabulous start this year and picked up where it left off in the successful previous years.

Almost 4,000 fans came to Beuel on Friday afternoon to have an Alternative rock/Punk/Indie-Pop party amidst a residential area - still a rarity in Bonn - for two days.

It is expected to get even busier on Saturday. No wonder: The Donots and The Subways are drawing in many fans, and the rest of the line-up is also very worth while. Many artists are back after playing here before, they like the atmosphere, the surroundings, the fans - who also appreciate the intimate setting and the good music themselves.

Many young people are frolicking over the festival grounds, many use the second last holiday weekend to party and have a good time with their friends. „The atmosphere is just incredible“, said Robin who already came last year with her friends.

„You get to know many newcomer bands and it’s not as packed as at other festivals.“ Thalaia is here for the first time. „I think it’s lovely here, quite relaxed and easy to get to. I am looking forward to seeing what the bands are bringing to the stage.“

No problem there. Already during the afternoon last year’s Toys2Masters winner, Attic, are kicking off with their Soul-Metal, followed by the Post-Hardcore warriors Fjørt. When the Donots took to the stage at around 9.45pm, the crowd was only delighted to be driven to ecstasy.

Already in 2016 the band of the Knollmann brother Ingo and Guido played at the Green Juice Festival. „We asked them to come again this year because they rocked the show fantastically two years ago“, said Green Juice spokesperson Johannes Klockenbring. „The band also had great memories and agreed immediately.“

On Saturday, it will be an extra long festival day: At 12.30 Ella will open the second festival day, followed by bands like Kmpfsprt and Van Holzen Vollgas. The headliners on Saturday are the Indie popper Von Wegen Lisbeth and the Garage-Rock trio The Subways, who are already in their 15th year of existence. The last time they played Bonn was 2011 at the last Rheinkultur, and were an absolute favourite of the festival management.

„We hope to be able to convince our audience once again, to be able to entertain 7,500 people again next time instead of 5,000“, said Klockenbring. „So far, everything is perfect. the people are arriving early, the first-time camping site is very peaceful, and the weather is playing along too.“

Everybody who wants to attend spontaneously, can do that: Day passes are 30 Euro at the entrance.

(Original text: Thomas Kölsch / Translation: Mareike Graepel)