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Bonn city centre: 25,000 bees make themselves comfortable at the town hall

Bonn city centre : 25,000 bees make themselves comfortable at the town hall

25,000 bees made themselves comfortable on Wednesday evening in the city centre of Bonn. They settled in a bush at the bus stop Markt. Quickly a beekeeper was called who could help.

Creating a buzz in the city of Bonn: 25,000 bees made an excursion to the city centre on Wednesday evening. Around 5 p.m. they took over a bush at the bus stop Markt in Rathausgasse – and of course they immediately attracted curious glances.

"There is no danger for humans as long as one does not run through the middle of the swarm and wave around oneself", said beekeeper Klaus Maresch, who was called to help by local residents. Also the public order office attended the scene and closed off the range around the bees. Maresch then routinely reached for a beehive, placed it on the roof of the car and began to cut branches from the bushes.

He shook those branches out again above the hive, whereupon the swarm settled down bit by bit. For Maresch it was already the third callout that day. "That's typical, the season is just beginning," he explained.

The swarm in the city centre was therefore a large pre-swarm, coming from a radius of about one kilometre and containing a weak queen. "These bees are now looking for a new quarter nearby." Therefore it is important to inform a beekeeper as soon as possible: If the bees are not collected quickly, they like to spread out in house facades. "And then it gets really expensive for the owners."

Original text: Nicolas Ottersbach
Translation: Mareike Graepel