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Bonn Easter march: 100 demonstrate against refugee politics

Bonn Easter march : 100 demonstrate against refugee politics

Easter marchers gathered to sing songs and demonstrate in solidarity with refugees.

About 100 people gathered with colorful flags and banners and sang peace songs on Easter Sunday. The demonstrators met at the Beuel riverbank south of the China ferry. Their motto: “No to war – Refugees welcome!” Their action was directed at opposing the EU agreement with Turkey, with marchers saying the agreement was made to discourage refugees from coming by tightening the laws.

Organizers Susanne and Volker Rohde said that previously one had to go to Düsseldorf or Cologne to participate in an Easter march. This is a new tradition they are starting in Bonn; it is only the third year the Easter march has been held here. As they walked, they sang “songs against war” in an open meeting of voices. One of the lyrics was “And everyone dreams of peace – and the time is coming. Because every human dream of peace will become reality.”

Marchers walked over the Kennedy Bridge and through the city center to Friedensplatz and stopped before the Representation of the European Commission. There they heard the story of a Somalian man who made the trip from his war torn homeland to Germany and has been living in Bonn for nine months now. Rohde believes that there is talk of a “refugee crisis” as if the refugees are to blame for the situation and she says this kind of thoughtless discussion plays into the hands of right wing groups.

Orig. text. Leif Kubik