GA-English on Sunday: News in brief from Bonn and the region

GA-English on Sunday : News in brief from Bonn and the region

“Bonn shines” is coming soon, the city center will once again be bathed in colorful lights. Nature enthusiasts will plant 8,000 trees in Kottenforst. And suspects remain at large after a robbery at a Mehlem post office. These are the news briefs on Sunday.

“Bonn shines” will be particularly colorful this year

BONN. Thanks to the enormous success of the “Ode to Joy” campaign in May when numerous Beethoven figures were sold, there will be 75,000 euros this year in the lighting technology budget for “Bonn leuchtet” (“Bonn shines”). This is three times more than last year’s budget. The four-day event will take place from October 31 to November 3 and will feature more than 300 spotlights in Bonn city center, along with seven or eight video projection screens. Some of them will be at Marktplatz and other city squares, and a video projection mapping will cover the Old Town Hall. The six-minute projection, which repeats itself, is accompanied by music and sound effects. The main university building will be illuminated with moving lights, as will the Münster pharmacy. Many other places of interest will also be bathed in colorful lights.

There will be a light show at the topping-out ceremony of the Urban Soul complex opposite Bonn Central Station. The stained-glass window in the station will also be accentuated. And those who want to relax can take part in “Stillness in Motion” in the cloistered courtyard of the Minster. The lighting can be seen from around 5 pm to 11 pm.

A food festival will accompany the event with food trucks set up on all three major city squares. They will remain open in the evenings until 10 pm on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. On Friday, they will be closed in observance of All Saints Day. On Sunday, the 3rd of November, they are open from 1 pm to 6 pm. As well, the municipal utilities Stadtwerke, the most important sponsor alongside McDonald's, Volksbank, Sparkasse and Cityparkraum, will switch on the Christmas lights for the first time on Sunday.

(Orig. text: Stefan Knopp)

Suspects remain at large following robbery at Mehlem post office

BONN-MEHLEM. An employee at the post office on Mainzer Strasse was ambushed on Friday morning. The woman was about to open the back door of the store when two men pushed her inside, allegedly threatening her with a firearm. The duo forced the 51-year-old to hand over cash and then fled. So far, there is no trace of the perpetrators.

According to police, the men can be described as both about 1.80 meters tall with a slim stature. They were dressed in dark clothing at the time of the crime and were fully masked. The post office was closed on Friday because of the burglary. Criminal Investigation Unit 32 has started an investigation.

Anyone who may have observed something in the area or can provide information about the identity of the suspects is asked to please call 0228/150.

(Orig. text: Ayla Jacob)

8,000 oak trees for Kottenforst

BONN. 160 nature lovers went to the Waldau on Friday afternoon and planted hundreds of small oak trees. Among them was Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan, who spoke out in favor of climate-neutral energy. Not far from the Haus der Natur (House of Nature), the small groups, armed with watering cans, spades and young trees, spread out across the entire clearing.

"A great picture, isn't it?" asked Marco Westphal. The managing director of Stadtwerke was delighted with the "successful project". "Climate protection is the topic of our time and that's why we should not only talk, but also do something," he says. It is already the twelfth tree planting campaign organized by the municipal utilities. "By March 2020, a total of 8,000 new trees are to be planted throughout Kottenforst," promised Westphal. The German Forest Conservation Association (Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald) has taken over the management of this project. Christoph Rullmann (46) was enthusiastic: "What could be better than an event where people work together for nature," said the managing director of the association.

(Orig. text: Niklas Schröder)

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