GA English on Sunday: News in Brief from Bonn and the region

GA English on Sunday : News in Brief from Bonn and the region

Travel group Thomas Cook is in serious trouble, the fire brigade rescued two cats thanks to smoke detector, Bornheim girl Fabienne F. is missing, the 37th Poppelsdorf Street Festival attracted many visitors and the Bonn real estate fair at the Telekom Dome was well attended – here’s our news in brief on Sunday.

Travel group Thomas Cook on the verge of bankruptcy: 600,000 holidaymakers could be stranded

London. To avert bankruptcy, the travel group Thomas Cook hopes for help from the British government. If the 178-year-old company goes bankrupt, some 600,000 holidaymakers worldwide could be stranded. In addition, thousands of jobs are in danger. Of the 22,000 employees worldwide, 9,000 alone work in Great Britain.

The Financial Times reported that it was relatively unlikely that the British government would help the financially troubled company because it doubted its long-term profitability. The news agency AFP, on the other hand, learnt from negotiating circles that the talks between the company and the government continued. "We will know tomorrow whether an agreement can be reached," they said. The Board of Directors is due to meet on Sunday.

The company announced on Friday that it needed a further £200 million to avert bankruptcy in addition to a £900 million rescue package it had already promised. Two years ago, the British government provided assistance in a similar case and financed the repatriation of 110,000 stranded passengers of the bankrupt airline Monarch Airlines. This cost British taxpayers around 60 million pounds.

Original text: AFP

Bonn-Endenich: Fire brigade rescues two cats thanks to smoke detector

Foto: Pixabay

Bonn. The two cats unfortunately could not alert the fire brigade - so they were very lucky that neighbours reacted to the beeping smoke detector. A bigger fire was thus also prevented.

According to the fire brigade, they had been called to the Euskirchener Straße in Bonn-Endenich early on Friday evening. Neighbours of an apartment building had noticed a triggered home smoke detector and a smell of fire. When the emergency forces arrived, the residents had already left the building.

The door of the affected apartment had to be opened by the fire brigade with special tools. On the stove the task forces found burning textiles, they succeeded by means of fire extinguishers in preventing the fire from spreading.

Although the apartment was deserted, two uninjured cats were able to be rescued by the emergency services from the dicey situation.

Original text: GA Bonn

Police is looking for 16-year-old: Fabienne F. from Bornheim is missing

Bonn. 16-year-old Fabienne F. from Bornheim is missing. The girl, who currently lives in a youth welfare institution, was last seen on Saturday. On Saturday morning around 8.30 am Fabienne F. was seen for the last time in the youth welfare facility, where she lives at present, according to police. The police's investigations have so far been unsuccessful. Fabienne is said to have disappeared from the facility several times before and to have contacts in Baden-Württemberg. However, the 16-year-old has not yet been found there. Currently there is no further trace of Fabienne. Therefore, the police are asking the population for help. The 16-year-old is described as follows:1,63 m tall, slender physique, light complexion, brown, blonde, medium length hair, clothing unknown. Information on the whereabouts of the missing person can be given to the police via 0228 15-0 or the emergency number 110.

Original text: GA Bonn

Clemens August Straße: 37th Poppelsdorf Street Festival attracts many visitors

The 37th Poppelsdorf Street Festival attracted numerous visitors in the best weather. Foto: Thomas Kölsch

Bonn. The 37th Poppelsdorfer Straßenfest brought many Bonners to Clemens-August-Straße on Saturday in the best weather. Numerous stalls and live music provided for best entertainment as every year. This Saturday, for the 37th time, the numerous restaurants and bistros had set up stands along the "Meile" on Clemens-August-Strasse to provide visitors to the open-air event with everything their hearts desire. In addition there were offerings from the local clubs and shops.

Original text: Thomas Kölsch

General-Anzeiger event: Bonn real estate fair at the Telekom Dome well attended

The Bonn real estate fair in the Telekom Dome is still open until 5 pm. Foto: Axel Vogel

Bonn. 35 exhibitors presented on Saturday at the eighth real estate fair of the General-Anzeiger in the Telekom Dome. Visitors were given plenty of tips, for example on how to cool their homes in summer heat. On Saturday, homeowners and buyers were able to obtain valuable and tangible information about their real estate at the 8th Bonn Real Estate Fair in the Telekom Dome, free of charge. 35 exhibitors presented the latest products, trends and services for the home. Affordable housing in Bonn and the region remains a problem. Reason enough for the General-Anzeiger to create a platform for providers and potential interested parties for the eighth year running.

Original text: Stefan Hermes

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