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Boules Club Pétanque Bad Godesberg: Here’s how the 27th Boule City Tournament in Bonn went

Boules Club Pétanque Bad Godesberg : Here’s how the 27th Boule City Tournament in Bonn went

The 32 teams from the Bonn Boule Clubs were not distracted by the magnificent view of the Rhine and the Siebengebirge mountains on Sunday. Very focused, they played in the Panoramapark above the Von-Sandt-Ufers for the 27th Boule Stadtmeisterschaft.

National player Robin Stentenbach also attended. The 25-year-old, who currently ranks first in the German Pétanque Association rankings, had his home game at the Boules Club Pétanque Bad Godesberg. He also reported on the World Cup in Québec, Canada, in which he took part successfully last year. Together with his team-mates, he took fifth place in the "supreme discipline" triplet, winning also against the reigning world champion. "We beat Madagascar in the round of sixteen," reported Stentenbach.

The paramedic appreciates Boule because of the sociability: "You can play this very well with friends.“ His partner, 45-year-old Suaranga Kariayawasam from the Altstadtfreunde Bonn, uses the sport as a balance to his stressful working day. "You get a lot of fresh air, and I like that," said the trained carpenter.

"Boule is also a precision sport," added club spokesman Manfred Kremer. "Coordination, balance and physical fitness are required.“ Stentenbach could only confirm this: "A game can last up to two hours and you have to keep the focus on it all the time," he explained. "At the World Cup I played up to ten hours a day for five days - mental and enduring strengths are required. He tries to push his thoughts aside while playing "and stay in the tunnel". Stentenbach started playing at the age of 17 and was appointed to the youth national team at an early age.

Next year the next World Cup is on the agenda, the national player wants to be part of it again. He trains four times a week. For him this attitude paid off promptly on Sunday. Stentenbach and Kariayawasam reached second place behind the winning duo Danny Griesberg and Florian Korsch. Werner Porten and Thierry Fournier finished third, Hubertus Lilienthal and Walter Höller fourth. In the club classification the Altstadtfreunde Bonn won by a tight margin.

The Bonn Boule City Championships have been an annual sporting highlight for the Bonn boulevards since 1993. Besides the members, anyone who enjoys the sport can take part. Up to 80 participants compete annually in teams of two. They fight in five rounds, each lasting about one hour. Afterwards, the four best teams play for the title and the challenge cups of the General-Anzeiger. With three boulevard clubs and a lottery syndicate with a total of around 300 members, Bonn is one of the German "boulevard strongholds". "Many people from Bonn also practice their sport in different leagues, which is why they always play with sporting ambition," said Kremer. Boule or Pétanque is therefore one of the sports with which Bonn is represented in the Bundesliga.

(Original text: Niklas Schröder / Translation: Mareike Graepel)