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Traffic routing in Bonn: Bus lane will be added at Bonn Central Station in November

Traffic routing in Bonn : Bus lane will be added at Bonn Central Station in November

Beginning in November, the city will create a bus lane heading north from Bonn Central Station. A cycle lane will also be designated on Maximilianstrasse.

Between the south underpass and Poststrasse, the city administration plans to create a bus lane going north. They want it to happen already in November. A proposal for a resolution is to be discussed in advance by the transport committee and the Bonn district council. On November 7, the city council is to approve the draft resolution.

The bus lane is part of the old preliminary planning for traffic routing in front of the main station, which also includes the final extension of the tram stop. At the same time, the administration plans to designate a cycle lane on Maximilianstrasse between Wesselstrasse and Am Hauptbahnhof.

The city says that work on the changes is to take place just one day after the council meeting, on November 8. The intention is that these alterations will coincide with the ongoing trial run of the expanded city ring road. An analysis of the traffic is scheduled to begin soon and it makes sense that the measures are taken before the assessment begins. This is the case both during the current test phase, in which Stockenstrasse is still open for through traffic, and during the subsequent test phase from January 1 to the end of March when Stockenstrasse will be closed.

Orig. text: Philipp Königs

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